Tori Polonitza and Seraphina MRF Win Horse of Course High Score at Palm Beach Dressage Derby CDI

Tuesday, March 5, 2013
Posted by Leah Juarez




Noreen O’Sullivan of the Palm Beach Dressage Derby, Tori Polonitza and Seraphina MRF, and Marty Haist of the Horse of Course during the 30th Annual Palm Beach Dressage Derby.
Noreen O’Sullivan of the Palm Beach Dressage Derby, Tori Polonitza and Seraphina MRF, and Marty Haist of the Horse of Course during the 30th Annual Palm Beach Dressage Derby.

Wellington, FL – Tori Polonitza of Bonita Springs, Florida rode an exceptional test on her coming five-year-old American Hanoverian Society mare, Seraphina MRF (x Sinatra's Song), bred by Maple Run Farm of Wisconsin during the 30th Annual Palm Beach Dressage Derby CDI. Polonitza and Seraphina were awarded the High Score of the show, sponsored by The Horse of Course, which preseneted the pair with a beautiful embroidered cooler and ribbon. In only her third showing so far this season, Seraphina MRF demonstrated the continuity in performance that is so integral to a burgeoning champion, earning the Horse of Course High Score after two strong tests, and scoring more than 75% each in Training and First Level. The mare was also presented with the Born in the USA Award as the show's highest-scoring American-bred.“I'm very proud of her,” said Polonitza, who acquired the mare in October. “The footing is great here, we love the openess of the venue, everyone has been so nice, and despite the chilly weather, she really seems to be enjoying herself!”

A happy horse is a comfortable horse and part of the secret to their new-found success could be in a bit adjustment made in February: “We were having tongue issues. She kept putting her tongue to the left, trying to push the bit down and not accepting contact.” 

Polonitza changed the mare to an ergonomically-designed high performance Neue Schule Bit model known as the 'Verbindend bridoon' that uses the latest in engineering and computer-aided design (CAD) to offer superior comfort in a unique metal alloy that almost instantly warms to the mouth and promotes salivation, acceptance and communication.

“It was great because I actually bought the Neue Schule bits at The Horse of Course, so it was fitting that we were awarded their prize,” said Polonitza.  “It was all about finding a bit designed for comfort. The way this bit flares from the corners has kept pressure off her tongue and has given her so much more confidence. I'm thrilled. I introduced the bit to some hunters and jumpers who were 'too light' in the bridle and they also really benefited from it.”

The Horse of Course is a proud supporter of the equestrian community and travels across the country with a convenient mobile store to bring its stylish clothing, accessories, saddles and products to some of the nation's best-loved horse shows and to sponsor classes. Beth Haist, owner of The Horse of Course and her husband, master saddlefitter Marty Haist, are well known on the Florida winter show circuit, and have been long time supporters of the Palm Beach Dressage Derby. Their beautiful mobile store at the Equestrian Estates showgrounds features the latest in equestrian equipment, fashions and accessories all displayed in an elegant store complete with a porch, indoor shop, and saddle fitting and repair area.

“We really appreciate the part we feel we get to play in this great tradition that is the Palm Beach Dressage Derby,” Haist said. “Horses like Seraphina MRF remind us of that every day.” To learn more about The Horse of Course, visit their website at www.thehorseofcourse.com.