Top Junior Riders Jump to Success at Summer in the Rockies VI

Monday, July 21, 2014
Posted by Anli Kelly-Durham for Phelps Media Group, Inc. International




Hunter Holloway and Lyons Creek Bellini
Hunter Holloway and Lyons Creek Bellini

Parker, CO - Hunter Holloway and Caitlin Boyle are two of the country's most well respected junior riders, and they both decided to spend part of their summer competing at Summer in the Rockies at the Colorado Horse Park. Holloway has had great success in Grand Prix classes both here in the United States as well as abroad, and Boyle has earned a handful of prestigious equitation titles including R.W. Mutch Equitation Champion at Devon and this year's Hunterdon Cup winner. However, this morning, they both focused their attention on the hunters as they each piloted their mount to a championship finish in the Junior 3'6" Hunter Division. {C}Today, it was Holloway with Lyons Creek Bellini who rode away with the Junior 3'6" Hunter Champion tricolor in Section A of the California Split. Holloway and "Bellini" swept all four over fences classes and finished second in the flat, making them the obvious champions of the division. The pair also took second in the $1,000 Junior Hunter Classic. Lyons Creek Bellini is owned by Hays Investment Corp. of Topeka, KS.


"We were both a little tired today but my horse was very good," said Holloway. "He was awesome, you know, he's very consistent, he goes out there every time and does his thing, so he was perfect."


Caitlin Boyle and Wingman
Caitlin Boyle and Wingman

Lyons Creek Bellini is no stranger to the winner's circle. When asked about her biggest accomplishments with this horse, Holloway explained, "Bellini is an awesome horse and there have been a lot of special moments with that horse, he just keeps on giving. During indoors last year he was only seven, so to go in there and march right around and end up reserve champion at all the indoors made me really proud. He went from Pre-Greens to Junior Hunters all in that year and I brought him up, so it was a proud moment for me as his trainer and rider. The biggest accomplishment that I am most proud of is Devon this year. We both went in there and he was so good, I could not be more proud of that horse, he was just perfect."


In Section B of the Junior 3'6" Hunter division, Caitlin Boyle rode Wingman, a Jill Vannatta entry of Evaston, IL, to the championship finish. The pair jogged away with three firsts and a second over fences, and they also finished up in third in the $1,000 Junior Hunter Classic.

"I was really proud of how he went," said Boyle. "He hasn't shown much this year because his owner has an illness. He's only done a few horse shows this year and I'm really happy with how he went. Freddie [Vazquez] wanted me to ride him because he needed him to start showing again, and he wants to sell him as a Junior Hunter so he needed a junior kid who could ride him. Whenever I am home I get to show him and I hope he just continues to improve."

Boyle continued, "He was just so smooth and jumped great, I was happy with how it all turned out. He is a very pretty horse and he just has such a nice canter rhythm and he looks really nice when he goes in the ring. I just wanted to keep everything smooth and find all of the jumps and hopefully that would help me win today."


Emily Sutherland and Phineas
Emily Sutherland and Phineas

Claiming reserve in Section A of the Junior 3'6" Hunter division was Sutherland and Phineas, a Lisa Sutherland entry of Wichita, KS. They received a first and two seconds over fences, in addition to a win in the under saddle. Sutherland trains with Brandie Holloway of Equi-Venture Farm, and was happy with the barn's success today. In Section B, the reserve champion honors went to Amanda Roche of Austin, TX and her own Even So.


"My horse was great as always, and he had the same energy as yesterday," said Sutherland. "He was just really focused today and jumped everything well. A year ago, I would chip some rounds and get an 80 in others. Now we have consistent rounds on both days that we show."

For many top juniors, their barn mates and closest friends become their toughest competitors. However, the dynamic duo from Equi-Venture Farm does not let the competition get in the way of their friendship. Their one-two finish as division champion and reserve made for a special moment for these two friends.

"It was awesome, I love watching Hunter ride," said Sutherland. "She goes before me a lot and I learn a lot from watching her. I watch the way she rides the lines, like if she moves up or slows down a little, the way she just tracks the whole course and rides all the lines, so it is nice to watch her. I don't care if Hunter wins or I win, as long as the barn wins we are happy."

"It was pretty exciting, it was awesome for our barn," added Holloway. "We are really good friends, same barn, same trainer, so I feel like it is barn pride. We don't let the competitiveness get in the way of our friendship. Obviously we both are a little competitive but we both want each other to do well. We are both cheering for the other person and we have a great barn relationship when it comes to that kind of stuff."


Kaitlyn Arnold and MTM Retro
Kaitlyn Arnold and MTM Retro

In the Junior 3'3" Hunter division, it was Kaitlyn Arnold aboard MTM Retro who rode away with the champion tricolor. MTM Retro is owned by MTM Farm of Flower Mound, TX. Samantha Wolf of Glencoe, IL and her own Alessio finished in reserve. Arnold and MTM Retro were also announced as the $1,000 Junior Hunter Classic winners with two impressive rounds and scores in the 80s.


"I think today went pretty well," said Arnold. "He jumps really well out of all distances, so I feel confident asking him for both the long spots and the quieter one, he is just really willing. I was just really pleased to end on this note with him. He is just 5 years old and he is going to the Incentive in the middle of August. I leave for school in the middle of August so we might be parting ways."

Tomorrow, Week VI of Summer in the Rockies at Colorado Horse Park will come to a close. The Amateur Owner Hunters will finish out their divisions and champion and reserve honors will be presented. These competitors will also have a chance to compete in the $1,000 Amateur Owner Hunter Classic.

Results: Summer in the Rockies VI - Saturday, July 19

232. Junior Hunter 3'6"


  1. a/971/Lyons Creek Bellini/Hays Investment Corp./Hunter Holloway/80.00 
  2. a/519/Nairobi/Rachel Pekala/Surina Techarukpong/55.00
  3. a/966/Gretzky/Saddle Ridge LLC/Olivia Lawton/40.00
  4. a/715/Even So/Amanda Roche/Amanda Roche/30.00
  5. a/610/Calandra/Megan Kerpsack/Megan Kerpsack/15.00
  6. a/572/Calistoga Gold/Kira Telford/Kira Telford/5.00
  7. a/909/Frank The Tank/McKenzie Booker/McKenzie Booker/0.00 


  1. b/556/Wingman/Jill Vannatta/Caitlin Boyle/80.00
  2. b/801/Dolce/Stonebridge Farm/Lauren Takata/55.00 
  3. b/792/Rock Star/Rylee Shufelt/Rylee Shufelt/40.00 
  4. b/978/Phineas/Lisa Sutherland/Emily Sutherland/30.00
  5. b/571/CR Moet/Kira Telford/Kira Telford/15.00
  6. b/868/Granit/Olivia Lawton/Olivia Lawton/5.00
  7. b/933/Baloubet K/Roderick Kyle Dewar/Emmelia Forbes/0.00

233. Junior Hunter 3'6"


  1. a/971/Lyons Creek Bellini/Hays Investment Corp./Hunter Holloway/80.00 
  2. a/978/Phineas/Lisa Sutherland/Emily Sutherland/55.00
  3. a/792/Rock Star/Rylee Shufelt/Rylee Shufelt/40.00
  4. a/966/Gretzky/Saddle Ridge LLC/Olivia Lawton/30.00
  5. a/801/Dolce/Stonebridge Farm/Lauren Takata/15.00
  6. a/933/Baloubet K/Roderick Kyle Dewar/Emmelia Forbes/5.00
  7. a/572/Calistoga Gold/Kira Telford/Kira Telford/0.00 


  1. b/556/Wingman/Jill Vannatta/Caitlin Boyle/80.00
  2. b/868/Granit/Olivia Lawton/Olivia Lawton/55.00
  3. b/715/Even So/Amanda Roche/Amanda Roche/40.00
  4. b/610/Calandra/Megan Kerpsack/Megan Kerpsack/30.00
  5. b/571/CR Moet/Kira Telford/Kira Telford/15.00
  6. b/519/Nairobi/Rachel Pekala/Surina Techarukpong/5.00
  7. b/909/Frank The Tank/McKenzie Booker/McKenzie Booker/0.00 

2770. Junior 3'3" Hunter O/F


  1. 947/Brego/Hailey Livingston/Sarah Young/80.00
  2. 763/Thunderstruck/Janelle Henningsen/Janelle Henningsen/55.00 
  3. 555/Alessio/Samantha Wolf/Samantha Wolf/40.00
  4. 553/Greytful/Jenna Selati/Beatrice Maloney/30.00
  5. 713/Mtm Retro/MTM Farm/Kaitlyn Arnold/15.00
  6. 995/Splendid/Isabella Littlejohn/Isabella Littlejohn/5.00 
  7. 604/Cinqocento Z/Shayla Tocher/Shayla Tocher/0.00 
  8. 828/Casino 72/Devon Weigers/Devon Weigers/0.00 

2780. Junior 3'3" Hunter O/F

award/entry/horse / owner/rider/prize

  1. 713/Mtm Retro/MTM Farm/Kaitlyn Arnold/80.00 
  2. 947/Brego/Hailey Livingston/Sarah Young/55.00 
  3. 555/Alessio/Samantha Wolf/Samantha Wolf/40.00 
  4. 995/Splendid/Isabella Littlejohn/Isabella Littlejohn/30.00 
  5. 604/Cinqocento Z/Shayla Tocher/Shayla Tocher/15.00 
  6. 553/Greytful/Jenna Selati/Beatrice Maloney/5.00 
  7. 828/Casino 72/Devon Weigers/Devon Weigers/0.00 
  8. 763/Thunderstruck/Janelle Henningsen/Janelle Henningsen/0.00 

703. $1,000 Junior Hunter Classic


  1. 713/Mtm Retro/MTM Farm/Kaitlyn Arnold/300.00 
  2. 971/Lyons Creek Bellini/Hays Investment Corp./Hunter Holloway/220.00 
  3. 556/Wingman/Jill Vannatta/Caitlin Boyle/150.00 
  4. 947/Brego/Hailey Livingston/Hailey Livingston/100.00 
  5. 978/Phineas/Lisa Sutherland/Emily Sutherland/70.00 
  6. 604/Cinqocento Z/Shayla Tocher/Shayla Tocher/60.00 
  7. 555/Alessio/Samantha Wolf/Samantha Wolf/50.00 
  8. 792/Rock Star/Rylee Shufelt/Rylee Shufelt/50.00 
  9. 715/Even So/Amanda Roche/Amanda Roche/0.00 
  10. 995/Splendid/Isabella Littlejohn/Isabella Littlejohn/0.00 
  11. 610/Calandra/Megan Kerpsack/Colleen Brombach/0.00 
  12. 868/Granit/Olivia Lawton/Olivia Lawton/0.00 

The Colorado Horse Park Summer in the Rockies Fast Facts

What: Summer in the Rockies AA-Rated Hunter Jumper Show Series Event


  • June 4-8 Summer in the Rockies I 
  • June 11-15 Summer in the Rockies II 
  • June 18-22 Summer in the Rockies III* 
  • July 2-6 Summer in the Rockies IV 
  • July 9-13 Summer in the Rockies V* 
  • July 16-20 Summer in the Rockies VI 
  • *WCHR Member Events 

Hunter Highlights:

  • $5,000 National Hunter Derby - Week III 
  • $15,000 International Hunter Derby sponsored by Winsome Farm - Week III 
  • $10,000 National Hunter Derby - Week V 
  • $40,000 International Hunter Derby sponsored by Serenity Farm - Week V 

Jumper Highlights:

  • $25,000 Summer in the Rockies Grand Prix sponsored by Holiday Inn of Parker Grand Prix - Week I 
  • $25,000 Summer in the Rockies Grand Prix sponsored by Littleton Equine Medical and Platinum Performance - Week II 
  • $30,000 Summer in the Rockies Grand Prix sponsored by McElvain Energy - Week III 
  • $30,000 Summer in the Rockies Grand Prix sponsored by Kubota - Week IV 
  • $50,000 Kathy and Brad Coors Family Grand Prix - Week V 
  • $50,000 Griffis Residential Grand Prix - Week VI 
  • $10,000 High Junior/Amateur Owner Classic sponsored by The Kathy and Brad Coors Family 
  • $20,000 High Junior/Amateur Owner Classic sponsored by The Kathy and Brad Coors Family 


  • $10,000 July Grand Prix Rider Bonus for the Leading Grand Prix Rider sponsored by The Kathy and Brad Coors Family - Weeks IV - VI 

Prize List:

Click here for an online version of the prize list. For a hard copy of the prize list, please e-mail prizelist@cohorsepark.com with your name, address and phone number and specify which prize list you would like (spring/fall or summer).


Mail to The Colorado Horse Park, 7522 South Pinery Drive, Parker, CO 80134 or fax to (303) 841-7879. Entries close 30 days before each show.

Contact Information:

  • Pat Boyle, Show Manager (847) 274-6834 
  • Brian Curry, Show Manager (303) 918-2908 
  • Colorado Horse Park Main Office (303) 841-5550 
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