Tonight!! Free Equine Law Seminar for Horse Professionals To Be Hosted by Equestrian

Monday, November 15, 2010

On November 15th 2010, Equestrian continues its horse business seminar series by hosting "Equine Liability Laws and Exposures - What Every Equine Business Owner Needs to Know" a free live webinar/tele-seminar for horse professionals. Equestrian sports have a higher risk factor than many other sports. The practical duties of keeping both the horses and riders that are in their care safe, places a heavy responsibility on the horse professionals shoulders. What's more, this means that their legal responsibilities are not far behind.


Date: November 15, 2010
Time: 5:00 pm Pacific - 7:00 pm Central - 8:00 pm Eastern
Place: Your phone or computer
Speaker: Julie I. Fershtman, Attorney at Law

For many horse professionals the current economy has increased the likelihood of dealing with a litigious client or employee. And since, not "knowing" the law has never been a successful defense strategy in the courtroom, horse business owners cannot afford to be uninformed about equine liability laws.

The guest speaker for Equestrian Professional's equine law webinar, will be nationally renowned equine law expert Julie Fershtman, who will discuss equine liability laws and how they effect horse professionals. Some of the issues that Ms. Fershtman will cover include:

• Equine Activity Liability Acts
• Negligence
• Avoiding Liability
• Liability Waivers/releases
• Equipment and Helmet Laws
• Sign Posting
• Contracts

About the speaker:

Julie I. Fershtman is one of the most experienced and accomplished Equine Law practitioners in the nation. Crossing virtually all equine breeds and disciplines, her law practice serves a clientele of stables, industry professionals, associations, businesses, show management, insurance companies, trainers, equestrian athletes including Olympic short-list riders, "celebrity clinicians," and individual horse owners from across the United States. She is highly experienced in handling a wide variety of disputes frequently encountered in the horse industry, including personal injury, business conflicts, partnership disputes, sales disputes, and many others. Her expertise in contract drafting helps her clients avoid later disputes.

Ms. Fershtman is the author of three books: (1) Equine Law & Horse Sense (1996); (2) MORE Equine Law & Horse Sense (2000); and (3) Litigating Animal Law Disputes: A Complete Guide for Lawyers (2009). The third book was published by the American Bar Association. In addition, she is the nation's most sought after speaker on Equine Law with engagements in 27 states, including: American Horse Council Annual Convention, U.S. Dressage Federation Annual Convention, U.S. Pony Clubs Annual Convention, North American Riding for the Handicapped Association Annual Convention, American Youth Horse Council Annual Convention, American Paint Horse Association Annual Convention, American Morgan Horse Association Annual Convention, Equitana USA (Kentucky and California), Equine Affaire (Ohio, California, and Massachusetts), American Riding Instructors Association Annual Convention and the National Conference on Equine Law. For more information about Julie I Fershtman please visit her website at

"Equine Liability Laws and Exposures - What Every Equine Business Owner Needs to Know" is free to all horse professionals and can be attended via telephone or computer. For more information and to register for the seminar, interested parties may visit the Equestrian website at or go directly to the seminar sign up page at

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