Tip of the Week: Revealing Results From New Horse Industry Survey

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Posted by bossmare

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From October 15, 2009 through January 31, 2010  American Horse Publications conducted an equine industry survey. The survey was sponsored by Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health and Pfizer Health. A total of 11,171 people who own, lease or manage horses in the United States participated. The purpose of the survey was threefold - First  to obtain information about participation, second to identify issues facing the equine industry as a whole and finally to identify issues pertaining to horse health. Here are a few highlights we thought would be interesting to horse professionals around the globe and some details for  those of you here in the states.
Survey Highlights
  • 88.8%  of the respondents were female
  • 63.2 % of the respondents were 45 or older
  • The average number of household members involved with horses was 1.8
  • The average number of horses owned was 5
  • Nearly 60% ride for pleasure and just over 35%  ride competitively
  • On average respondents expected to participate in 5.26 competitions per year
  • 17.4% of the respondents indicated they were horse trainers
  • 8.8% operated a boarding stable
  • 14.1% indicated they were riding instructors
  • 17.4% indicated they were breeders
  • 73.8% of respondents said they are spending more money per horse now than in 2007
  • 70% indicate they will reduce expenditures in other areas of their lives to cope with increased horse keeping costs
  • 25% say they will likely reduce the number of horses they maintain
  • 62.9 % say the biggest issue facing the equine industry is unwanted horses
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