Ties to MSU Help Copper Creek Dressage Series Thrive

Friday, July 3, 2009

WILLIAMSTON, MI – Since the Mary Anne McPhail Equine Performance Center opened in 2000 at Michigan State University in East Lansing, there has been a strong connection between the university community and the dressage community. The Copper Creek Dressage Series, a series of three dressage shows in nearby Williamston, Michigan, has benefited greatly by that connection.

“We have volunteers from the MSU Dressage Club,” said Copper Creek Show Manager Sandy Hunt. “Many of our favorite exhibitors are connected with the university, either as faculty members, staff or alumni. McPhail Chair Dr. Hilary Clayton has been an important resource for us as well as a gracious and successful competitor. And Dr. Rob Van Wessum, assistant professor at MSU’s veterinary teaching hospital, won our James Rowe Trophy at the June Dressage @ Copper Creek Show.”

At the upcoming Summer Dressage @ Copper Creek, July 18-19, prizes will include books by Clayton, taking MSU’s land grant philosophy into the show ring.

The Summer Dressage @ Copper Creek also offers exhibitors a strong local flavor. The Michigan Brewing Company, located in nearby Webberville, Michigan, will provide samples of its popular root beer and orange sodas and various local businesses from Williamston will provide prizes.

“In spite of Michigan’s economy, we have grown this year and our exhibitors are phenomenal,” said Hunt. “We want the July finale to be a really fun show to thank everyone for our great summer.” Entries for the Summer Dressage @ Copper Creek show close July 3. Visit Dressagesecretary.com to enter on-line or call 517-655-3710 for information.