TheraPlate Sponsors Final WEF Lunch and Learn “Sound Year Round” - Series Finale Prizes To Be Awarded

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
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Join TheraPlate Revolution and Janus Marquis at the Lunch and Learn event at the Winter Equestrian Festival on March 26 in Wellington, Florida
Join TheraPlate Revolution and Janus Marquis at the Lunch and Learn event at the Winter Equestrian Festival on March 26 in Wellington, Florida

Wellington, FL - TheraPlate Revolution is proud to sponsor the final Lunch and Learn educational event on Thursday, March 26, during the last week of the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) in Wellington, Florida. The presentation sponsored by TheraPlate— titled “Sound Year Round”— will feature ‘ten tips your veterinarian may have forgotten to tell you to maintain year-round soundness in performance horses.’ Attendees will first hear from Equine Physiotherapist Janus Marquis, of Corrales, New Mexico. Marquis will speak about how physiotherapy can help injured horses and also prevent injuries, and about how to maintain year-round soundness in equines. TheraPlate Revolution’s founder and owner, Chip Kreiling, will speak after Marquis about TheraPlate’s beneficial options for horse owners and their equine partners.

Marquis has served as the official equine physiotherapist for the United States Equestrian Team (USET) in show jumping through three Olympic Games, including the most recent Olympic Games in London. She helped contribute to the success of the Team Gold medal earned by Beezie Madden, Laura Kraut, McLain Ward, and Will Simpson and the Individual Bronze won by Madden in show jumping at the 2008 Olympic Games in Hong Kong, China. She has also helped the team through several Pan American Games, World Equestrian Games, World Cups, and numerous Nations Cups.

Marquis specializes in pre- and post-performance work, and uses equine osteopathy (or manual body work). “I work very hard at restoring motion where motion is lost in the body,” said Marquis. “I don’t do what you would consider an adjustment. I do a lot with lasers and ultrasounds, and I specialize in pre- and post-performance. I don’t do a lot with rehab,but I will set you up for rehab and have oftentimes helped my clients to get the machines, tools, techniques to support what they’re doing with their veterinarian to help that horse recover with the best possible results.”
Marquis studied equine science as an undergraduate, physiotherapy in graduate school, and then equine osteopathy at two different schools in Europe. Marquis considers herself a “perpetual student’ of equine osteopathy. “I’m still studying that because it is so mind-bending at how much more there always is to know,” she explains.

After Marquis shares her wealth of knowledge and experiences, Kreiling will introduce TheraPlate’s technology and discuss the science behind the development of such a unique therapeutic product. Kreiling will explain what makes TheraPlate therapy platforms different, and show attendees how simply TheraPlates work for horses and people who are working to relieve pain, gain fitness, or prevent or heal from injury. Interested attendees can also experience TheraPlate’s therapeutic action themselves, as one will be present at the Lunch and Learn.

The Week 12 Winter Equestrian Festival Lunch and Learn will take place at the Wellington Club at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center from 11:30am to 1pm. Lunch is provided by White Horse catering. The event caps off the series of eleven educational presentations that have been provided for free to all riders, trainers, and owners during the Winter Equestrian Festival. Others can attend the luncheon for $25. In addition, this week marks the awarding of the season finale door prizes, which include a custom trunk provided by Clever Jumps & Trunks and a TheraPlate Revolution rehabilitation and therapy platform. Don’t forget to register at the door for a chance to win one of these outstanding prizes!

For more information on the Lunch and Learn series, please contact the Sponsorship Events Coordinator for WEF, Laura Bostwick, at 561-784-1130 or laura@equestriansport.com. This year marks the fifth year that Lunch and Learn events has been a part of the winter show series.
Based in Weatherford, Texas, TheraPlate Revolution’s inventive rehabilitation and therapy system uses the concept of “dynamic movement.” The system has been shown to increase circulation, increase bone density, increase muscle mass, reduce swelling and inflammation, and quickly heal and reduce pain for horses, humans, and other animals. For more about the next revolution in therapy platforms, visit www.theraplate.com, call (800) 920-3685, or email theraplate@gmail.com.

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