TheraPlate Revolution Named Official Therapy Plate of the United States Equestrian Federation

Friday, July 24, 2015
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TheraPlate Revolution is the Official Therapy Plate of the United States Equestrian Federation Photo: Sara Hellner
TheraPlate Revolution is the Official Therapy Plate of the United States Equestrian Federation Photo: Sara Hellner

Weatherford, Texas – TheraPlate Revolution is proud to announce that it is now the Official Therapy Plate of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF). TheraPlates are highly effective therapy platforms that use dynamic movement to improve fitness, help relieve the causes of pain, and foster healing in horses, humans, and other animals. “The USEF is pleased to welcome TheraPlate Revolution as the Official Therapy Plate of the United States Equestrian Federation,” says USEF CEO Chris Welton. “We look forward to TheraPlate’s support of the USEF, and know that TheraPlate’s effective therapy platforms will make it an ideal partner for the USEF.”

As the Official Therapy Plate of the USEF, TheraPlate Revolution is providing each of the United States Equestrian Teams a TheraPlate to use as the teams train for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Chip Kreiling, owner and founder of TheraPlate Revolution, explains that his company has teamed up with the USEF because TheraPlate’s therapy platforms enhance an equestrian competitor’s program in three ways. “First, the TheraPlate maximizes performance— including recovery from the stresses of high-level competition,” Kreiling says. “Next, it allows horses to return to competition sooner after injuries by reducing healing time. Finally, it reduces the chances of the horse becoming injured as the muscular and connected ligaments and tendons become more fit, as fit horses are far less likely to become injured.”

TheraPlate’s platforms gently and rapidly help users reach ideal body conditions, with zero impact. By simply standing on the platforms, users can increase blood circulation, build muscle, reduce inflammation, and incur many other health benefits. Adding a TheraPlate to a training program can enhance conditioning and performance much more quickly than can be done without using the therapy platform.

“Our company is in the business of helping horses heal,” Kreiling adds. “The success of our customers’ horses speaks for itself as to how valuable a TheraPlate can be.” Not only horses may benefit from the TheraPlate Revolution— people can also use the technology themselves for a variety of ailments from foot, leg, and back pain management, to osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, and Parkinson’s disease. “There are not many products you can buy for your horse that you will use as much for yourself as you do for your horse,” Kreiling says.

By becoming the Official Therapy Platform of the USEF, TheraPlate Revolution’s goal, Kreiling says, is to put a therapy platform in the barn of every performance horse in the United States. The Texas-based company feels that the country’s best horses should not be without the best technology for therapy, body conditioning, healing, and injury prevention. “If you compete or own a saddle, you should have a TheraPlate,” states Kreiling. “It doesn't cost much more than a good saddle, which often can only be used on one horse— but one TheraPlate will work on every horse in the barn!”

The USEF and TheraPlate Revolution invite all equestrians to step up to the plate by providing their horses with an easy and affordable way to attain fitness and healing. Many of the United States’s top equestrians are already dedicated TheraPlate users, including champion Grand Prix show jumper Todd Minikus, top dressage riders Heather Blitz and Caroline Roffman, 11-Time World Champion Barrel Racer Charmayne James, successful para-equestrians Sydney Collier and Annie Peavy, and reining champion Tom McCutcheon. These riders use TheraPlate therapy platforms as a vital part of their horses’ conditioning and training programs.

To read about the variety of conditions the TheraPlate can address and improve, visit www.theraplate.com, call (800) 920-3685, or email theraplate@gmail.com.