TheraPlate Revolution - Changing The Game in Sport Horse Conditioning and Care

Wednesday, March 4, 2015
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TheraPlate is changing the game in sport horse conditioning and care.
TheraPlate is changing the game in sport horse conditioning and care.

The “Revolution” for a truly remarkable healing and conditioning product has begun. TheraPlate Revolution, based in Weatherford, Texas, has manufactured an innovative rehabilitation and therapy system using the concept of “dynamic movement.” Increased circulation, increased bone density, increased muscle mass, reduced swelling and inflammation, rapid healing, and pain relief are just a few of the many benefits TheraPlate Revolution can produce. This amazing invention is effective on horses, humans, and other animals. TheraPlate’s products have quickly become favorites among horse owners, who have witnessed the rapid healing and conditioning that their horses have experienced while using these products. United States Nations Cup Team Gold Medalist Caroline Roffman explains, “To compete at the international Grand Prix level, you have to use the best and most cutting-edge equipment like TheraPlate to give your horses that edge.” The company’s patented technology - a creation resulting from thirty years of research and work - allows the treatment and prevention of injuries through the use of therapy platforms.

TheraPlate Revolution’s therapy platforms use the innovative concept of “dynamic movement,” or “Whole Body Vibration (WBV)”, to allow users to treat and prevent injuries simply by standing on the platforms. As the machines work through routine use over time (while causing zero impact for the horse), users will feel pain relief and experience increased healing.

TheraPlate Revolution differs from other products that use the dynamic movement/ WBV technologies as this company has spent over thirty years perfecting these technologies specifically for equine therapeutic use. TheraPlate’s own patented dynamic movement technology incorporates a “Four Zone Vortex Wave” design and Infrared Thermography, Venograms, and Scintigraphy. These advanced processes aid in effective, rapid healing in ways such as monitoring the increased circulation that TheraPlate users benefit from.

TheraPlate’s products include equine therapy platforms, human therapy platforms, and miniature horse or dog therapy platforms. The equine therapy platforms have been successfully used by veterinarians, equine therapy centers, and all equestrian disciplines; including racing, dressage, jumping, polo, barrel racing, three-day eventing, and driving. Results show that the Vortex Wave Circulation Stimulation Technology in the platforms generally help injured horses to heal twice as quickly as horses that do not use TheraPlate. Horses will experience pain relief if they use the machines regularly as is recommended, depending on each individual horse’s needs (approximately one-three times a day, for ten-fifteen minutes per session). As horses’ muscle mass, bone density, circulation, and joint flexibility increase, their owners often see a decrease in veterinarian bills and stall rest periods. TheraPlate Revolution offers equine therapy platforms in a variety of sizes, including whole-stall units and units for horse trailers.

One happy TheraPlate customer says “My horse had major stifle issues for the last several months. Our vet tried everything including injections. Nothing seemed to help. We nearly decided to scratch the horse from the competition. A friend suggested we try the TheraPlate. It took her about five minutes to get used to the machine - after that she got very relaxed and enjoyed the TheraPlate. Not only did we not scratch the horse, but she ran her two fastest times of the year. I feel that we owe it all to the TheraPlate! I am so happy with the outcome.”

The company’s state-of-the-art human therapy platforms are available in three sizes, each designed for a specific use. The TheraPlate Revolution K4 Model is the smallest platform, and is ideal for users who suffer from conditions such as osteoporosis, foot/leg/back pain, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, or arthritis. The slightly larger TheraPlate Revolution K6 Model is designed for physical training. Athletes have successfully used this therapeutic platform to increase muscle mass, increase metabolism, and achieve many other benefits including those that the K4 Model provides. The third model for human use, the K12 Training Model, is the largest model and provides further benefits to athletes.


“The TheraPlate is the best money we ever spent!” Says customer Randy Hearon. “My legs are pain-free for the first time in twenty years! With their help on how to work my wrists and hands on the TheraPlate, my son and I won a bass tournament this past weekend. I didn't notice that my hands held up and I was able to fish all day until my son pointed it out to me! TheraPlate has made a believer out of me!”

TheraPlate Revolution also offers miniature horse or dog therapy platforms, which can be used for any small animal. Every type of therapy platform can bring a variety of benefits to the user, and even the larger platforms are made up of separate portable pieces to allow for easy transport. The company also offers accessories such as side rails, ramps, and wheels. Conditions that TheraPlate platforms help remedy include high suspensory injuries, founder, laminitis, increased hoof growth, reduced stress, and numerous other issues.

The innovative company is constantly adapting to the most advanced technologies and processes in order to best serve their customers. Recently, TheraPlate Revolution responded to customers’ desires by creating a phone application for iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, Windows® Phone, Windows® 8 and HTML5 compatible devices. With the phone app, helping horses recover from injuries or improve their body condition is easy. TheraPlate App users can quickly access instructions on how to best use the therapeutic platforms for whatever particular ailment their horses are suffering from.

Equestrians of many disciplines and backgrounds are discovering the benefits of TheraPlate Revolution. “The TheraPlate delivers cutting-edge technology that keeps me and my horses at the top of our game! It is one of the best training and maintenance tools available,” says TheraPlate user Pat Heeley of Pat Heeley Pleasure Horses. For more information about TheraPlate and how this simple addition to your horse care routine can benefit your horses, visit www.theraplate.com, call (800) 920-3685, or email theraplate@gmail.com.