Thanksgiving Weekend 2009 - Taking Break

Sunday, November 29, 2009

After a perfect Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, the weather warmed up to a balmy 60 degrees, and we spent all day Saturday 4-wheeling with Danny Downey's gang. One of our 4 wheelers was in the shop, so I rode along with "Hollywood" who knew every trail, creek and valley. Over 45 ATV's and 50 miles with hardly any time on the "blacktop". It is hard to believe there is land like this left in America, and lots of it. This area of Kentucky is known for oil too, and you can see a few wells and smell it along the way. Great people, food, drink of all kinds (yes moonshine was there, but I stuck to water) and our Grandson Jacob, now 15 years old had the time of his life. Now it's back to work on the websites with exciting news and information to come this week with reports on the US Developing Program for Dressage, more new profiles and Who's Who updates, as we prepare for a busy year.