Thai Polo Club Presents "Thai Polo Cup Argentina"

Saturday, November 15, 2014
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Thai Polo Club, entrepreneurship talented Harald Link opens this year on 18 to 28 November in Pilarchico presenting Thai Polo Cup Argentina. This first year will receive tournament for major employers around the world and the most famous players and the pole figures who include: Agustin Garcia Grossi (7), Francisco Bensadon (8) and Agustin Nero (6).

The opening cocktail event will be held at the premises of La Martina, in Recoleta, on November 18. During its development teams to introduce themselves and sweatshirts will be delivered to all players.

The marks that accompany the event are: Locate car rental, La Martina, VIP Club Airports, AACCP, Buenos Aires Hotel, Warsteiner and Passport Licere among others. There will be many benefits for employers and players, discounts and special rates. Bodega La Rural Water Drop Warsteiner beer and beverages are the official tournament.

The most important events of this season are: Saturday November 22 a party for players and friends in Buenos Aires disk Grand Hotel, and on November 28 the big closing party and awards ceremony to be held in the Thai Polo Club in Pilar. A thousand people to enjoy the show from a band surprise exhibition of high-end cars and fireworks are expected. Many celebrities and known figures of the pole and his circle have confirmed their presence, and before everyone can enjoy a family day.

Thai Polo Club Argentina: Ruta 28, Km 7.5, Ellerstina Spot, General Rodriguez, Buenos Aires, Argentina...

Press release and presentation equipment
Tuesday, 18 November
19 pm. Local La Martina Recoleta

Fiesta Thai Polo Argentina
Saturday November 22
Buenos Aires Hotel

Grand Final and Closing Party
Friday, November 28
Thai Polo in Pilar Argentina
From 17 pm.