Team Leader Brian Hafner Earns Individual Bronze

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wednesday’s Team Test individual leader, twenty year old Brian Hafner, earned the Individual Bronze medal position today with a score of 67.842%.  Lombardo LHF (by Londonderry), Hafner’s mount, was bothered by the applause for an eventing rider in the other ring and lost concentration, resulting in a few small errors throughout the test.  Regardless, Hafner was proud of his horse and performance in the individual test. “This is also my first and last year doing Young Riders, and coming up with a young horse and finally being able to do Prix St. George this year for the first time it’s just amazing to be at this level and be sitting here right now,” he said. “I have an awesome team and to be a part of that (Gold medal) was really awesome. My weekend is already made here.”

“My mother lives cross country and she still flies cross country for every major horse show to see me ride. She has made so many sacrifices in her life to let me compete at this level and let me have such a nice horse.” Hafner also expressed gratitude for his trainer Laurie Falvo Doyle she been amazing. I have been with her two years now. She has brought my horse and me so far in that time period. She believes in me 100%.

Hafner’s family has a “hobby farm” in Minnesota where Lombardo will go to hang out for two weeks. “This was my major goal this year coming here, and hopefully we can start working on the Intermediaire I and aim for the Brentina Cup in the future.

“Brian is not only a wonderful rider, but an excellent horseman” said David Wightman one of the California Team coaches. “His management program with his horses and barn is impressive, and I am sure we will see him as one of the rising talents in our sport.”

Complete Results of the Young Rider Individual Test