Team EnGaged Host Shannon Peters Clinic at Morningside Farm in Virginia

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Shannon Peters (Photo:
Shannon Peters (Photo:
The Plains, VA: Shannon Peters will be clinicing once again with Team EnGaged at the lovely, recently renovated, Morningside Farm in The Plains, VA, on May 5 and 6, 2012. "With this clinic, we really kick things off right for spring and summer," says Kelly Gage, owner of Team EnGaged. "I'm really delighted that Shannon has agreed to come back to teach, many of the participants from Florida who have moved up north for the season are looking forward to riding with her and helping prep out, and I'm really happy to be able to support the riders with an excellent teacher."  She continues, "The facility is really lovely and has really made every effort to accommodate and make sure things run smoothly." The clinic, which is open to seven riders is also open to auditing as well."Shannon is really a teacher who not only teaches to the riders but to the audience as well," mentions Gage. "Auditing is strongly encouraged especially due to the lovely quality of horse and rider that are currently participating."

Among the participants is James Koford, High Performance rider, James Houston, Ben Pfabe and Ashely Perkins.

**People interested in auditing, or riding, should contact Kelly Gage, or at 859/699-7383 for more information.

Team EnGaged Clinics are professionally hosted equestrian events based out of Lexington, Kentucky. It is an encompassing thought of rider-centric education that incorporates community participation.