Teaching Your Horse to Stand- Online Training With Andy Marcoux

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
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Getting your horse stand still reliably every time you ask him to is not something that happens by coincidence. It's not a skill that a horse just knows or doesn't know. It's something that has be taught to the horse. The good news is, jut about every hose I've ever met is capable of learning this skill. The even better news is; once you teach your horse this skill, it will make almost every aspect of your horse's training easier.

This is by far the most powerful training tool I've developed in 20 years of training horses. On August 27 there will be an online training clinic with Andy Marcoux from Coachman's Delight Inc

Click here to register, All paid registrants will receive links to the downloadable materials, plus a link to a private recording of the class for your review after the class is over. If you can’t attend the live session, you still get to see everything everyone else did!

Teaching your horse to stand develops submission, communication, command recognition and obedience. This is he easiest way to establish a relationship with your horse in which you truly are the leader.