Teaching Your Horse to Stand with Andy Marcoux

Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Posted by Andy Marcoux, Coachman's Delight, Inc.


I'm just giving you a quick reminder about next week's class "Teach Your Horse to Stand". This is the second time this I'm offering this class because it was so popular the first time, and many people asked me to offer it again. This is a class that is not limited to carriage drivers.

The technique that I've developed to teach a horse to stand quietly, respectfully and reliably can be applied to any horse. The benefits of the technique can be realized by riders or drivers of literally any discipline. 

It really does work on all horses! I can't tell you the number of times I've had some raging lunatic of a horse on my hands and thought to myself "Well, I'm never going to get this one to stand." even as I'm starting the training. 20 minutes later there the horse is, 4 feet on the ground standing without being held in the exact place I wanted the horse to stand. The really cool thing is, once I achieve that goal with the horse, the rest of my training becomes exponentially easier and more successful. 

If you attended my "Building a Half-halt" class last week, I mentioned this class to when when I said "a decent halt, will help you develop a good half-halt." Of course I went on to say that a good half-halt can create a great halt. And since the second class in October will be "Creating a Great Halt", it seems like it would only make sense to take "Teaching Your Horse to Stand" first, right?

All these classes about standing, half-halting and halting may sound kind of like Horse 101, but then that's the point. If you take the time to build these fundamental skills, it'll improve the following work you do with your horse immeasurably. It'll make things like "Moving Off the Whip", "Cones Exercises" and "Long Lining 101" so much easier (see what I did there? Those are the classes that will follow-up these classes. I do put some thought into this stuff you know!)

Ok, it's a beautiful fall day here, so I'm going to go out and enjoy it! You should too, right after you Register for the next Online Training. See you online soon!

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