For Tami Hoag and Her Horses, Life is Grand

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tami Hoag is enjoying her tenth year in the sport of dressage.  In 1999 she began training with Betsy Steiner, and competing with her first dressage horse, a handsome chestnut gelding named D’Artagnon.  Ten years later, she is still training with Steiner, but her focus is on another handsome chestnut.  Rush Hour 4 (aka Robbie), an 11 year-old Hannoverian gelding has just moved up to the Grand Prix level, and is off to a solid start with scores in the 60’s at both the Palm Beach Derby and Zada Cup competitions.  “He’s green, but he’s gaining confidence every time out,” says Hoag.  “I can ask a little more of him with every test.”

Hoag purchased Rush Hour a little over a year ago.  A high-strung and spooky horse in the beginning, a year of patience and consistent work has paid off.  Rush Hour has settled into his job, become focused, and developed a huge, sweet personality.  “2008 was a year of hard work with him, but so worth it.  I’m already so proud of him.  It has been—and continues to be—a very gratifying journey.”

Hoag plans to move Rush Hour from the national to the international division this summer at the CDI of Pebble Beach in California.

The Grand Prix, a Tribute to her Grande Dame, and a Grand Day with the Sheriff all Slated for Tami Hoag.

Meanwhile, Hoag’s grande dame grand prix mare, Feliki, may be retired from the show ring, but is still insisting on her time in the spotlight.  At age 22, the Dutch mare is just as spirited as ever, and can still outwork every horse in the barn.  Well-known equine artist, Terri Miller, recently captured Feliki’s fire in a near-life-sized portrait that now hangs in Hoag’s Los Angeles home.  The striking work of art has captured international attention.  “Which is the only way Feliki would have it!”   Hoag is considering an embryo transfer in the spring to ensure that Feliki’s exceptional character lives on for another generation.  If all goes well you may hear future reports of A Star is Born.

At the recent Vinceramos Theraputic Riding Center’s 23rd annual auction, Hoag purchased the right to wear a star for a day—a sheriff’s star, to be exact—when she bid on and won the “Sheriff for a Day” package.  The package consists of a day at the Palm Beach County sheriff’s office, complete with a ride in the sheriff’s office helicopter.  Tami says it’s no mystery why she wants to hit the town with a badge on.  With 14 New York Times bestselling thrillers to her name, Hoag is doing research for a new book.  “I have set a couple of books in Palm Beach County, and will again in the future,” Hoag says.  “This is a great opportunity for me to see what’s new in the sheriff’s office in terms of technology and organization.”

For those who read Hoag’s latest novel The Alibi Man—set in the Wellington equestrian scene—and are waiting for something new from dressage’s top mystery writer, don’t despair.  Deeper Than The Dead will be on bookshelves at the end of the year.  In the meantime,  Hoag’s very first book, a romantic comedy, The Trouble With J.J., will be re-released this summer.

Ten successful years in the sport of dressage, and twenty-one years as a bestselling author have brought Tami Hoag rewards of all kinds, including the kind of notoriety that attracts top sponsors.  Hoag rides in style with Moxie Equestrian, clothing and other products  for horse and rider, featuring the latest in high tech and eco-friendly fabrics.  MDC Intelligent Stirrups have gained her endorsement for their safety and for their adjustable design, which reduces stress on the rider’s joints.  Pasture Vac ensures that Hoag’s horse’s have clean green paddocks for turnout.  MacKinnon Ice Horse products provide excellent and convenient cold therapy for after workout care.  Tami has also contributed to some of the research and development of the VitalWrap hot/cold compression therapy system from VitalWear for both horse and rider.  And Ramard’s line of joint and health supplements keep Hoag’s horses—and her own joints—happy and healthy.

“I’m fortunate to be in a position that enables me to recommend products I truly believe in,” says Hoag.  “I want the best for my horses, and for all horses.  That’s what it’s all about, after all.  The reason we’re all involved in this sport in the first place:  The love of horses.”