A Talented Teacher

Thursday, July 9, 2009
Posted by Lynndee


Cesar’s talent extends beyond his own riding to that of teacher and his success is evident in his students and he has a list of top students, both past and present. "I like teaching people who are willing to learn," he said. "I enjoy it when students learn something and when you see the horse and rider improve. I like students with clear goals." That doesn't mean he will only teach professionals though. "An amateur who wants to ride and have fun makes a good student as long as they understand they have to work if they want to be an FEI rider."

Photo: Katie Riley, Anna Weiler, Jen Mandraccia, Kevin Kohmann, Julie
McKean,Cesar, Jessica Miller, Christy Sammis, Anna Stoval.

He is quite proud of his students, who range from developing young riders to international professionals – Michael Shondel, assistant Katie Riley, Julie McKean, Brooke Feldman, Emily Wagner, Keven Kohmann, Claudia Arnold, Eduardo Munoz, Raul Corchuelo and Paige Peters. Their successes through the years have made Cesar very proud.

Despite how much he enjoys dressage and his competitive success, Cesar notes that what he really enjoys most in life is his wife of 18 years, Marcela, and their two children, Federico, 17, and Nicole, 15. Both are athletes, but not so much in equestrian sports, although they do help out around the barn. Nicole plays field hockey and is in track. Federico is a soccer star. Marcela serves as Cesar’s eye on the ground and with the help of assistant Katie Riley, keeps Cesar’s business on track.

In sum, Cesar is a man who believes in pursuing not only success, but also dreams. He has most certainly made his own dreams come true and works tirelessly to help others achieve their dreams as well, whether those others are students or clients. Cesar is a seasoned international competitor and trainer who religiously stands by the training principles of classical dressage. His training is grounded in the belief that every horse must first learn correct basics before attempting the more difficult movements. Because of this, Cesar believes that following the training scale closely and addressing every step in each horse’s education is crucial.

Cesar is a man with a philosophy, a fierce passion for dressage, and a sincere love for horses. All of this paired with his incredible attention to detail has paid off in the show ring. As a competitor, trainer and teacher, Cesar has proven himself to be a truly valuable contributor to the sport of dressage. And no where is that more obvious than in his success in pulling together a talented team of young riders who will carry his vision beyond his lifetime.