TailRx Featured on NBC’s Today Show During Kathie Lee and Hoda’s “Favorite Things” Segment

Friday, August 20, 2010
Posted by johnny

ew York, NY (August 13, 2010) – Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb added a little horse sense to NBC’s Today show recently, when Kotb announced that her newest favorite thing is the horse product TailRx. Developed by hairstylist and dressage rider Mary Brunetti, TailRx is a mane and tail restoration system for horses that can also be used on humans.

During the show’s “Favorite Things” segment, Kotb explained that she has always had hair issues but thanks to TailRx she now has a smooth and flowing mane. Kotb pulled out a bottle of the magic mane serum and demonstrated to the audience that it only takes a drop to produce a head of hair as sleek as a filly’s.

“I did Hoda’s hair out in the Hamptons over the weekend and used TailRx on it and Hoda loved it. When her show aired on Monday she was very excited about it and gave TailRx a big shout out,” Brunetti said. “Hoda knew that I developed the product for horses but that it works great on humans also, and she mentioned that on the air.”

Brunetti has since heard from staff at NBC who said Kotb is still raving about TailRx. “Hoda has talked about your product non-stop! It must be a miracle potion. Congrats, her hair looks amazing,” one staff member wrote to Brunetti.

Brunetti is thrilled with the shout out from NBC, and equally pleased that Marie Claire Magazine also recently praised TailRx in their Hair & Beauty section. “TailRx has now been on the Today show and featured in Marie Claire Magazine, Lucky Magazine and Nylon Magazine,” Brunetti said. “While the equestrian community has embraced TailRx as a way of developing stronger and healthier manes and tails for their horses, TailRx is now flying off the shelves with women and men buying it in order to get the same results.”

Brunetti is a breed apart when it comes to hair. One of the icons of the beauty business, she is well known as a celebrity stylist. Brunetti made frequent appearances on the “Ricki Lake Show,” where she was resident hair guru and Ricki's personal stylist during the entire 11-year run of the show. Brunetti was also the first woman to receive the prestigious “North American Hairstylist of the Year” award.

Thanks to Brunetti, TailRx has revolutionized how horse owner’s care for their horse’s manes and tails. TailRx is an easy to administer three-step treatment and all horse owners need to do is follow the simple 5-minute application routine. Noticeable improvements from TailRx can be seen in the first week and hair becomes thicker, stronger and longer in just a few months. “TailRx adds volume and makes the tail three times as strong within the first use, just like it does with humans,” Brunetti said. “TailRx also keeps the scalp in tip top shape and so healthy that it can’t help but grow good hair because it starts at the follicle first.”

For more information on TailRx, visit www.tailrx.com. To Watch the Video - Click Here! (The TailRx segment is located around 9:24 into the clip).