Sweden Wins New Formula Nations Cup Dressage in Falsterbo

Friday, July 24, 2009

The popular Falsterbo Horse Show in the south of Sweden saw an audience record this year with approximately 60 000 visitors. The record audience saw the Swedish dressage team win the Nations Cup on home ground on Sunday afternoon.
The Nations Cup was decided in the Freestyle, a novelty presented for the first time. All riders took part in the Grand Prix on Friday and after that their chef d’équipes could make up their choice for the three riders that where to represent their nation in the team competition Freestyle to music on Sunday.  The remaining riders were able to compete in the Grand Prix Special on Saturday.

Swedish Patrik Kittel who lives and trains in Germany won the Grand Prix with his rising star stallion Scandic. Patrik Kittel was very pleased with his Grand Prix, saying: “This is the best test he has done so far!”.  Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén had two horses to choose from for the Falsterbo Horse Show. She picked Favourit for the Grand Prix Special and got on to win both the GPS and the Swedish Dressage Derby (Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special counted together).

The Nations Cup happened to be an exciting and close battle between the teams.  Patrik Kittel was the last one to go and the win for the Swedish team was in his hands. “I was a bit nervous as I knew the team result was up to me. The Dutch were close! I really wanted to do well on home ground and win in front of my home audience!”, Patrik said.  In the end it turned out he didn’t have to worry at all. Patrik Kittel and the chestnut stallion Scandic won the Grand Prix Freestyle and brought the victory home for the Swedish team.  Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén with Solos Carex, the now gelded father of Scandic, and Minna Telde with Don Charly who showed himself well recovered from his injury from Las Vegas shares the victory of the Swedes with Patrik Kittel.

The Netherlands were a close second with Aat van Essen, Christa Laarakkers and Stéphanie Peters in the team. Stéphanie Peters became the runner up in both Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle showing Jeff. She was very pleased with the way her difficult Jeff showed himself. “He was e bit distracted in the Freestyle but I didn’t offer him a chance to turn away!”, Stéphanie smiled.

Germany became third with Wieger de Boer, Hubertus Schmidt and Carola Koppelmann.

Denmark came at fourth position with Helene Melsen, Anne Troensegaard and Blue Hors rider Sune Hansen.

Team Results Nations Cup Freestyle

1. Sweden  - 220.600
- Tinne Wilhemson - Solos Carex - 72.500% (4)
- Minna Telde - Don Charley - 71.9505 (6)
- Patrik Kittel - Scandic - 76.150% (1)

2. The Netherlands - 214.850
- Aat van Essen - Premier - 67.1505 (11)
- Christa Laarakkers - Ovation - 72.150% (5)
- Stéphanie Peters - Jeff - 75.550% (2)

3. Germany - 210.600
- Wieger de Boer - Cosmopolitan - 68.600% (9)
- Hubertus Schmidt - Hinnerk TSF - 70.450% (8)
- Carola Koppelmann - Insterburg TSF - 71.550% (7)

4. Denmark - 207.050
- Helene Melsen - Akeem - 65.700% (12)
- Anne Troensegaard - Seduc - 67.400% (10)
- Sune Hansen - Gredstergards Casmir - 73.950% (3)