Sweden incorporates German Judge and Training help of Schüle and Schmidt

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Swedish Equestrian Federation Announces Hubertus Schmidt and Dr Dieter Schüle Tp Oversee Preparations for the Alltech/FEI Kentucky World Equestrian Games 2010
Edited by Claartje van Andel dressagedirect

The Swedish Equestrian Federation has made their plans public to improve Swedish Dressage in the depth to no doubt more international medals. Yesterday it became known that German top trainer and rider Hubertus Schmidt will be the new supervisor for the Swedish dressage and the trainer of the top riders in 2009.

Today this news is followed by the news that German O-judge Dr Dieter Schüle will be engaged in the cooperation for the Swedish Dressage Elite. Schmidt will actively participate in the preparations for the upcoming grand championships as this year’s European Equestrian Championship in August and next year’s World Equestrian Championship in the US. “I am looking forward to my new activity in Sweden. Sweden is one of the best dressage-nations with very good riders and horses. All  the top-riders I know from the international shows and a few of them have already trained at my barn. It is a pleasure for me to work with them”, underlined Hubertus Schmidt.

The Swedish chef d’equipe Bo Jenå underlines the importance of getting a possibility through Dieter Schüle to emphasize program and test riding in the training of the horses and riders.

Per Lundberg, president of the Swedish Dressage Committee, is looking forward toward the effort of top level education which now will be executed through the cooperation with Hubertus Schmidt and Dieter Schüle both. A cooperation which also will support the chef d’equipe in the search of new talents. Per Lundberg said: “The Swedish training program for the dressage riders seems to be very interesting now. To emphasize program and test riding in the training will be a good basis for the discussions between trainers, riders and judges as well.”

Sweden is among the highest ranked dressage nations with team bronze at the Europeans in 2005 as well as 2007. At the Olympic Games in 2008 the team finished at the fourth rank.

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