Susie Dutta and Currency DC Win the Dressage Grand Prix Special After Dedicating a Year in Europe

Monday, March 28, 2011
Posted by bossmare

Susie Dutta and Currency DC win the grand Prix Special at the IHS Champions Cup CDI3*
Susie Dutta and Currency DC win the grand Prix Special at the IHS Champions Cup CDI3*
Susie Dutta took her three top Dressage horses to Europe last year and trained with German dressage master trainer Rudolph Zeilinger. With a husband in the international horse transport business J.Tim Dutta, travel arrangements were easy, and the commute to visit with their young son Timmy, Tim admits was “just reversed.” Now back in Wellington where she is stationed at Arlene Page’s Stillpoint Farm, Dutta is happy to be home again where they have a “Nordstrom’s” nearby. At the International Sport Horse Palm Beach Dressage Champions Cup, Susan Dutta and her own Currency DC (“Curry”) the 11-year-old Oldenburg gelding by Clintino won the Grand Prix Special demonstrating the piaffe/passage movements she mastered being with the master.

“I had a great year in Europe. I went to some great shows and met so many nice people! I love it there!” Susie commented. “BUT!! I am so happy to be home!! I am good old American girl! I missed Nordstrom’s! I am at a fantastic stable Stillpoint Farm owned by my good friends, David and Tuny (Arlene) Page, and have found a trainer Oded Shimoni that does a great job with all my horses. I have my ducks in line and it is good to be home!”

Susie Dutta and Manette DC
Susie Dutta and Manette DC
Dutta also competed Golden Choice DC her 12-year old Westphalen gelding by Grancru in the Prix St Georges/Intermediaire 1 Tour, and in the 12-year-old Danish Warmblood Manette DC in the Grand Prix for the Freestyle, recovering from a capriole at X to place second in the Grand Prix Freestyle on Sunday. Susie’s husband Tim who travels extensively throughout Europe and the international shows commented on quality of judging right here in Florida. “The same judges we rode in front of in Europe all come to the USA, and they do not judge these classes any differently than if they were over there.”

DressageDaily: It was great to see Team Dutta back in the USA after missing you last winter. It appears as if your sojourn in Europe has paid off in developing and refining your work with your horses. This just your second CDI of the season with “Curry” in the Grand Prix? What do you think was the most helpful about your work with Rudolph Zeilinger last year to bring you to this point with him?
Susie Dutta: Was very grateful that Rudolf (Zeilinger) took a big interest in me and really focused on getting my three horses doing the Grand Prix. Rudolf loves Currency and did amazing job finishing him for me, and then getting me into the international ring, and placing! Rudolf is one of the best piaffe passage masters in the world and I have really learned a lot from him over the last year. I am proud that all three of my horses have high quality piaffe/passage. I owe that to Rudolf.

DressageDaily: After the GP, what did you do, adjust, etc, to make the improvements in the GPS to improve your score?
Susie Dutta: My husband (J. Tim Dutta) and I watched my DVD and together we tried to figure a few small things that made a big difference. The special is a great test for him and really fun to ride. I did make some rider errors but, he was still pretty great! After his first CDI3*** at the Masters two weeks ago, and now this weekend he is back in great form and just needs to continue to build strength.

DressageDaily: Was there a particular comment from a particular judge which helped you to improve your results?
Susie Dutta: When Stephen Clark gave me 9's on the passage it gave me great confidence. Currency has some big highlights to offer and some places I am still working on to achieve a higher quality work.


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