Susan Dutta Goes For Comfort and Protection

Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Posted by bossmare

Shop With Top Dressage Professionals on Their Favorite ThinLine Products

Susan Dutta, reserve Developing Horse Champion with Golden Choice DC loves her favorite boots from ThinLine. The Closed Front Sport Boot "washes well and is extremely durable. I have had to throw away many boots after only six months because they are unable to survive constant washing. The boots from ThinLine fit well and have lasted."  Dutta also mentioned the ThinLine Sheepskin Bell boots and said they are great because, "They are made of a soft, but protective material so they don't rub the horses."

On days that Dutta trains her horses in-hand or lunges a horse, she uses the ThinLine SMB Style Cobra Boot for extra protection. Off all of the ThinLine products that Dutta uses, she said, "I ride multiple horses a day in ThinLine products because they wear well and clean up easily. I really want to try the new product with the Back On Track Saddle Pad with the Ultra ThinLine Pad.  It sounds like a great concept."

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