Suppleness, Suppleness, Suppleness - by Shannon Peters

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Quick tips from the Trilogy Ambassadors brought to you by TrilogySaddles.com
Three things to think about in your daily training: suppleness, suppleness, suppleness!!!! Always test your horse’s responsiveness to the aids, and whether that response is with suppleness and relaxation, or tension and stiffness. If it is with the latter, going back to the basics and making sure you are tuned into your horses' basic rhythm, checking suppleness both longitudinally and laterally, will help to establish the proper supple contact through the body, from tail to nose. If all is correct in establishing the basics, adding Impulsion and monitoring straightness, will create the best possible collection WITH suppleness.

As half of a ‘dynamic duo’ dressage team with husband and Olympian Steffen Peters, champion rider and trainer Shannon Peters is a well respected member of the international dressage community. Trilogy President Debbie Witty believes Shannon has a unique talent for teaching, both horses and riders, and is proud to have her as a Trilogy Ambassador.