Sue Springsteen’s Oskar Wins TailRx “Best Tail Award” At Gold Coast Dressage Association Finale I Show

Saturday, April 25, 2009
Posted by Christy

West Palm Beach, FL – Sue Springsteen and her Danish Warmblood Oskar won the USEF Fourth Level Test 3 at the Gold Coast Dressage Association Finale I Show, and thanks to Oskar’s thick and swinging tail the pair also rode away the winner’s of the TailRx “Best Tail Award.” Springsteen and Oskar were awarded a TailRx basket filled with prizes along with the much sought-after TailRx product. 

“I was the envy of the barn as soon as I walked in with my TailRx basket,” Springsteen said. “I was excited that Oskar’s tail won, but I was also excited that the TailRx judge’s told me his tail was swinging during our test and that it enhanced our ride. It also meant he was using himself properly.”

Springsteen, who is from Philadelphia, trains with Danish Olympic dressage rider Lars Petersen. “Oskar and I got a late start to the show season because my job kept me close to home,” Springsteen said. “So this was the first horse show for both of us in quite a while and to win was really nice. Oskar did a great job and I am really proud of him.”

Springsteen said Oskar was blessed naturally with a beautiful tail, but that didn’t keep her from calling a friend when she arrived in West Palm Beach to give her some “emergency tail assistance” with Oskar’s tail. “She came to the show grounds and helped me get his tail looking wonderful and she couldn’t believe it when I called her and told her he won the ‘Best Tail Award,’” Springsteen said.
Springsteen joins hundreds of other riders who have discovered TailRx, the revolutionary new mane and tail restoration system designed for horses. “TailRx is professional hair care for horses,” said founder Mary Brunetti, adding that people have been grabbing up the product lately and using it on their own hair. “TailRx also works on humans because we are all mammals and share the same hair follicle structure.”

Brunetti, an award-winning celebrity hair stylist, developed TailRx and the product has revolutionized how horse owner’s care for their horse’s manes and tails. “TailRx is an easy to administer three-step treatment and all horse owners need to do is follow the simple 5-minute application routine,” Brunetti said.  “Horse owners they can expect noticeable improvements from TailRx in the first week and then expect thicker, stronger and longer hair in just a few months.”

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