Success in America

Thursday, July 9, 2009

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As his international reputation developed, Cesar made the decision to leave Colombia. With the help of Linda Zang, he moved permanently to the United States with his wife Marcela and their two children. After his arrival in the U.S., Cesar scored nine wins in 11 starts in international classes in Florida in 2001. He has won well over 300 FEI classes to date. Cesar’s passion for the sport carries over into his teaching as well. His students have described him as "enthusiastically intense." His sense of humor and fun approach to riding has made him a popular clinician.

Some may describe him as a perfectionist, others as a workaholic. He encourages horses and people to develop a good work ethic at his barn, and to enjoy what they're doing. "I like to push the limit," he said. "I want people to realize that they can go through much more than the limits they thought they had. We really enjoy it. It is a team effort and therefore a team environment."

And it’s a team that works hard to keep the whole operation running smoothly. The Performance Farm operation includes two locations. The main base in the north is in New Jersey. The 27-acre farm is located close to Highways 287 and 78 in Whitehouse Station – 20 miles west of Manhattan. "It's a beautiful place," he said. "The indoor has beautiful arches with windows. It's built in the classic old German style. In the indoor arena, you only see beautiful wood arches, not the structural components. It is a clean, open look. It is my church." The farm's southern base is in Jupiter, Florida.

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