SUCCEED® and TEAM ENGAGED Kick Off a Year's Worth of Dressage Clinics with Christoph Hess

Monday, March 14, 2011

Lexington, KY: SUCCEED® and TEAM ENGAGED kick off a year's worth of dressage clinics with Christoph Hess, internationally renowned judge and clinician on April 2 and 3 in Central Kentucky. “We are ecstatic to have Christoph come teach again on his tour through the United States,” said Kelly Gage, Partner at Team EnGaged. “We feel incredibly lucky to have Christoph take time from his busy schedule to help further educate our riders and their horses,” Vicky Esquivel, Partner at Team EnGaged commented. “He is an invaluable resource to any rider in any discipline and is a wellspring for the sport of dressage. Team EnGaged looks forward to hosting him.” The eight rider, 50 auditor event is already drawing interest from the FEI riders. With two international riders pre-signed up.

Team EnGaged will partner again with Collaborative Connections and Poulin Dressage to create the four stop clinic tour, which will reach Massachusetts, Ohio and Kentucky.


“Working with great people in the community only benefits our riders and their horses in the end,” said the partners. “These organizations are committed to helping US dressage grow through educational opportunities.”

Hess is an FEI “I” dressage and eventing judge and teacher of event riders and professional riding instructors. He has worked for the German Equestrian Federation (FN) in Warendorf since 1978 and now heads the FN’s Departments of Education, Training and Personal Members. He directs judges’ and instructors’ courses in Germany and abroad, is an examiner of judges and trainers on the highest level in Germany and is the author of technical literature on equestrian sport.

Team EnGaged Clinics are professionally hosted equestrian events based out of Lexington, Kentucky. It quickly progressed to an encompassing thought of rider-centric education that incorporates community participation.

The goal of the group is to bring equestrian education through world class clinicians and premium facilities. Team EnGaged believes that education is the foundation of all progression and continually strives to provide educational opportunities for all who wish to learn.


For information - Contact: Vicky Esquivel @ or Kelly Gage (859-699-7383)