A Stroll in the Park: A Day at the 2010 CDI Wiesbaden

Monday, May 24, 2010

It has been an exhausting but exhilarating three-day marathon photographing two days in a row at the CDIO-PJYR Moorsele followed by a one day stint at the CDI Wiesbaden. After three days of driving from the most Western point of Belgium to a quite central point in Germany, I added another 1000 kilometer to the mile-o-meter of my car. With spring weather at its best (a sunny 24° degrees and a mild breeze), the Biebrich Castle Park couldn't have been any prettier. Even the trip to Wiesbaden on the German Autobahn (along the A3) seemed more of a scenic drive than the usual frantic race to one's destination on a motor way filled with road devils and typical constructions sites preventing a smooth passage.
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