Stop Wasting Water with the New Premier HT Footing

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Premier HT footing

Premier Equestrian is proud to announce its revolutionary new HT Footing (Photo: Premier Equestrian)

Sandy, Utah – Already known as a leading industry innovator, Premier Equestrian is proud to announce its revolutionary new HT Footing. Premier HT footing drastically reduces the amount of water needed to maintain an ideal riding surface, and retains water up to five times longer than other types of footing. This reduces the amount of time spent maintaining the arena and allows equestrians more time in the saddle. Premier Equestrian incorporates its knowledge of the biomechanics of equine movement into its footing, and is committed to creating exemplary products for safety, practicality, and function.

The “HT” stands for hydration technology, a programmable system from Premier that can be configured to uptake water at different rates— either quickly or slowly. This is especially good news for those in drought-plagued areas of the country. Using a patented process, Premier HT footing textiles are infused with a super absorbent polymer to catch and trap water. Premier HT holds on to the water and gradually releases it to the surface to maintain perfectly hydrated footing.

“The footing can be configured to hold lots of water or just a little,” says Mark Neihart, Premier Equestrian’s CEO and lead developer of the product. “Using this programmable feature, it is possible to tailor the footing to climate and other environmental conditions. It addresses the four things we are always looking for in footing: stability, traction, biomechanical advantage, and reduced watering and maintenance.”

The technology has been in development for the past year, with quality and consistency being essential factors in Premier HT’s performance properties. Premier Equestrian is taking orders now for this revolutionary footing, and will deliver the Premier HT footing beginning in August. Premier ensures consistency by establishing a regular supply chain to deliver the same material every time. The footing recently underwent third party testing to ensure adherence to exacting specifications.

“We want to make sure when we make claims about the product we can back it up with science,” Neihart adds. “Early tests show a dry-out rate of up to five times longer than traditional textile footings. This means using up to five times less water while saving time and money. It also means more time riding your horse and less time managing the arena.”

President Heidi Zorn and CEO Mark Neihart

Premier Equestrian’s President Heidi Zorn (left) and CEO Mark Neihart (right) are both thrilled with the Premier HT arena footing, and excited to offer it to the public this August (Photo: Premier Equestrian)

Neihart and Premier’s President, Heidi Zorn, are both thrilled with the Premier HT arena footing and excited to offer it to the public this August. “You need three things to successfully use a textile footing additive: the right sand, the ability to water regularly, and the correct grooming equipment,” Zorn says. “With Premier HT, we have greatly reduced the amount of water needed to complete that requirement.”

The product has already passed stringent toxicology testing and is safe for horses and humans. “If it is not safe for the horse, we won’t use it,” Zorn states. Premier HT Footing has the added value of positively affecting a horse’s biomechanics by creating superior cushioning and shock absorption. Zorn likens it to a bullet traveling through the air versus through water, where its speed is greatly slowed. She witnessed the tangible impact of this with her retired FEI mount, Sting, whose navicular causes extra sensitivity to footing issues. While lunging him in arenas with and without Premier HT, Zorn found the difference in his gaits extraordinary.

“I could see how well the energy of impact was absorbed into the footing, yet provided a gentle rebound of energy propelling the stride” she says. “This is going to change the way people think about textile arena footings,” Neihart adds. “This footing is a real game changer.”

Premier’s HT footing is an exciting addition to its extensive line of footing products. Founded in 1999, Premier Equestrian is a leader in providing outstanding footing and arena equipment, including jumps and dressage courts. For more information, visit or call (800) 611-6109.