Stop Flu Where it Starts

Wednesday, September 23, 2015
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The Flu Avert Difference:

  • Provides protection at the site of initial infection
  • Intranasal route of administration – no risk of injection-site reactions to interfere with training or competing
  • Just ONE dose required – even for previously unvaccinated horses
  • Proven safe and effective – even in horses with weakened immune system
  • Rapid onset of protection – within days, not weeks

Trusted By Veterinarians

“I send approximately 250-300 yearlings annually to major sales. They are stressed during sales prep and exposed to a lot of other young horses in a similar situation. In six years, I have not had a breakthrough with Flu Avert. It is great for young horses in stressful situations and offers the best protection especially with the mucosal contact during administration.”
Courtney Pink, DVM – Hanover, PA

“Two fillies racing for a partnership were vaccinated with Flu Avert. Despite the rigors of training, racing and travel, they remained free of respiratory disease all year. This culminated in winning the Sire Stakes Final and Breeders Championship events. Staying healthy was remarkable because EIV was rampant on the racing circuit. Flu Avert is the gold standard for protection against EIV.”
Robert Schwartz, DVM – Washington Courthouse, OH

Talk to your veterinarian today about giving your horse the extra protection of Flu Avert I.N.

To watch an educational video on managing your horse’s equine influenza risks, click here.