Stock Up on Gumbits This Weekend at Dressage at Equestrian Estates

Thursday, April 1, 2010
Posted by bossmare


Since adding Gumbits to ShopHorsesdaily.com we have been shipping the hard to find product around the world and through out the United States. A favorite with many top [#24904 override="Dressage trainers and competitors," title="Dressage trainers and competitors,"] we will have Gumbits on hand when we come to cover and photograph at the beautiful Equestrian estates Facility in Loxahatchee, Florida. We just got a new shipment of the 6 oz Gumbits Trial Size ($25) and the 16 oz Gumbits best value size ($38). Save shipping charges, and stock up for the busy spring season by visiting the HorsesDaily RV at Dressage at Equestrian Estates this weekend. All Natural Gumbits is a sweet tasting treat which promotes the salivation process, Encourages submission, and helps to eliminate teeth grinding which often can occur during the intense training of high performance sport horses. GumBits are made of all natural FDA approved ingredients and is safe and palatable.
You can buy Gumbits on Line at ShopHorsesdaily.com