Stock Up on GumBits at the Trilogy Saddle Booth During the Collecting Gaits/USEF Dressage Festival of Champions

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Posted by bossmare



For the third consecutive year, GumBits will continue their support of the 2009 Collecting Gaits Farm/USEF Dressage Festival of Championships. Visitors to the Festival trade show will be able to get their Gumbits at the Trilogy Saddle Tent which will be a hub of activity during the weekend, starting with a wine and cheese party early Thursday evening. Katherine Bateson-Chandler, Shelley Francis and others will be in line to stock up along with many other participants in the show. "I have a hard time finding the product, so whenever I am somewhere where it is offered, I stock up." said Bateson-Chandler. "I was carefully doling outthe bottom of the bag to my horses in Florida, before I caught up with Mary Phelps who had a supply."
"I am excited Trilogy will be carrying our product at the Festival," said Shereen Fuqua, co-owner of Gambit Atlanta, who with business partner Elizabeth Kane developed the unique product. "I love my new Trilogy saddle. It improves my position, helps my back and gives me a closer contact feeling to the horse." said Shereen, who is a USDF Gold Medal amateur. "So it is quite fitting they will be able to sell Gumbits at their booth. Relationship building and working together is what it's all about in support of a great sport. "

The GumBits product was developed by two horse women in their quest to help the daily training of dressage horses. GumBits is a horse treat that encourages submission, activates salivation, eliminates teeth grinding and is made of all natural ingredients. Top national and international riders use the product daily for their horses and clients' horses to help relaxation for successful training and competition. GumBits has been a dedicated sponsor of the sport of Dressage, having partnered with the USEF on several occasions including the 2008 Markel/USEF Young Horse Dressage Championship, as well as the 2008 Collecting Gaits Farm/USEF Dressage Festival of Championships, which determined the Olympic Dressage team.

This year's Festival of Champions is set to return to the USET Foundation headquarters in Gladstone, NJ, June 18-21. This prominent event will showcase the nation's 12 best horse/rider combinations competing for National Championship titles in the Junior, Young Rider, Young Adult "Brentina Cup", Intermediaire I, and Grand Prix divisions. Held annually since 1991, the Festival has played a vital role in selecting the elite teams that represent the US at the World Championships, Olympics and Pan American Games.

"We are thrilled to sponsor the 2009 Collecting Gaits Farm / USEF Dressage Festival of Championships for the third time," said Elizabeth Kane, co-founder of Gambit Atlanta Inc, who produces GumBits. "Dressage started out as the main customer focus of Gumbits.  We fully support the professionals who believe in Gumbits and promote our product to their clients.  We are excited to branch out to other disciplines, such as eventing and driving. Many competitors use the product and we wish them lots of luck in the upcoming championship!"