Steffen Peters Tunes up For Aachen and Gets Home Cooking from Mom

Friday, July 3, 2009

British Dressage rider Carl Hester made a point to come up and congratulate us on our American win at Aachen. After a spectacular performance by Steffen Peters and Ravel who along with German based American rider Catherine Haddad rode as individuals in the Nation’s Cup competition in the Grand Prix CDIO. “We only brought one rider from the USA this year.” I said. “Well it looks as if you brought the right one!” For Peters, he had the chance to go home to Mother and get some home cooked meals and have his laundry done, while reuniting with his long time trainer nearby. And it was a beaming Mom, Doris Peters who led her son through the stands to visit with old family friends after his winning ride in the CDIO Aachen Grand Prix.

While the USA currently does not have a team coach, German born and raised Peters got a tune up from his former trainer in Germany. “When I started in Germany I trained with Johann Hinnemann for six years. In the meantime, Klaus (Balkenhol) was our coach and I certainly cooperated and worked with him in a wonderful way, and of course the results speak for themselves. But actually my Mom lives very close to Jo Hinnemann’s barn and the food and laundry services are great and made it obviously very easy! Jo is a wonderful coach and he knows, especially that we are only there for ten days he is not going to go in there and change the world. Technically he is a great coach, and made a few minor adjustments from the ground. Today was a good cooperation between my wife Shannon who is my coach at home and Jo on the side. So it as a very good set up, and today the results speak for themselves.”

In addition there was the US team support of Gil Merrick, Assistant Executive Director, Sport Programs for the USEF, Chef Jessica Ransehousen, USA Dressage team vet for the past 18 years, and the US Vet at the Olympic in Hong Kong, Dr. Rick Mitchell and his wife Julie.

PhelpsPhoto: Americans training in Europe, Margaret Duprey and Todd Flettrich join Gil Merrick, Jessica Ransehousen, Dr. Rick Mitchell and wife Julie before Steffen's ride.