Steeplechase Farms Continuous Drive 2023

Saturday, November 5, 2022
Posted by Candy Smith

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Steeplechase Farms Continuous Drive 2023 events (Jan 18th and Feb 15th) are promising a new venue for Florida drivers, located in the heart of the driving community of Steeplechase Farms in Bronson, Florida near the Goethe Forest and Black Prong Equestrian Center. There will be a series of two fun,friendly and low cost events which are a low key opportunity to introduce the three facets of combined driving to entrants. Organized under The Florida Whips, a not-for-profit organization, the updated and revised event for 2023 will have low entry fees and will be a unique competition opportunity.


ADS Rulebook under Pleasure Driving Chapter 13 describes Continuous Drive to “. . .consists of at least three ADS competitions driven consecutively and separated by brief rest periods. Competitors may be divided in divisions by experience, age, gender, horse size, etc.” Following the guidelines in Article 311 General Rules, the upcoming CDs will include briefing, rules of the road, and elimination criteria (that is no outside assistance, and elimination in one element does not preclude the competitor from continuing to the next element).

Steeplechase Contu=inuous Drive 2023 Flier

Steeplechase Farms CD events will have additional and specific rules and guidelines to add to everyone’s safety, such as requiring each turnout displaying a SMV sign affixed to the carriage or cart. While pneumatic tires are acceptable, bicycle wheels (thin wire structure) will not be allowed as track will be on lime rock roads.

The Competition

Each CD will have a total of four (4) phases, with each phase scored:

  • Road Pace
    The first and third phase is Road Pace with each having a distance under 4km. Speeds will be as noted in ADS Rulebook Article 253.3. Drivers may only walk or trot on track.
  • Dressage Test
    The driver will have time to leisurely walk their equine to the start of Dressage. ADS Test A will be utilized in January and Test B will be used in February.
  • Cones
    The cones phase will follow the format of Gamblers Choice with differing complexities of passage having different numeric values (these are not made known to the competitors).
    Cones course will NOT be walked in advance.
    Driver will be given 2 minutes to correctly drive as many cones sets (yes, red on right is observed) as they can at a walk or trot to accumulate points. Cantering will be penalized.

At the conclusion of Cones, the driver will return to the trailer staging area (a nice distance to walk or trot) where final scoring will be done and awards given out.

Divisions and Awards

For 2023, the Divisions will be Training and Preliminary. The Classes will be for Horse, Large Pony, Small Pony (must have ADS card or be moved up to Large Pony), and VSE. There will not be a distinction between Singles, Pairs or Multiples for purposes of awards. Awards will be given to the overall best scores for each Class/Division for 1st through 3rd place. All participants will receive a special memento for their day.


Entry forms can be found on the Florida Whips website under events.

It can also easily be downloaded here at this link

Entries open on November 1st and close one week before each competition.


For staging trailers and start is next to
12391 SE 21st PL, Morriston, FL 32668 in Steeplechase Farms subdivision.


  • Steeplechase Farms CD events will be on multiple private properties so no dogs are allowed
  • A food vendor will be at the events and will have fresh breakfast and lunch offerings.
  • Trailer parking is on private property that does not have facilities for water or electricity. Participants are encouraged to bring water for their horses.

Further details about the CDs will be made available on the Facebook page “Steeplechase Farms Continuous Drive” along with pictures of the awards and memento being offered. The hint here is “Let’s sparkle a little with Swarovski crystals”.