Start the New Year Off Right with "Program Your Position" DVD Series

Friday, January 8, 2010
Posted by bossmare

My New Years resolution is improve my riding.  If you share a similar goal or resolution, I can recommend an incredible tool that I have been using, Program Your Position. This is an amazingly effective “program”, and I can honestly say it has helped my position immensely. The program, developed by Ruth Hogan-Poulsen and Jane Savoie, has three components. These include 5 DVD’s, 3 audio CD’s and an illustrated pocket guide. No matter how you absorb information most effectively, Program Your Position has you covered. Personally, I like all the audios and illustrated pocket guide the best. But I must add that the DVD segments are like attending a clinic.

For me, Program Your Position is better than a clinic because the series teaches you to use a simple set of buzz words to “program” your position corrections.  I ride around saying the buzzwords and correct my riding position almost effortlessly.   The buzzwords are easy to remember and effective, and the program also encourages you to add your personal buzzwords too.

The CD portion is so convenient, I listen while I am driving in the car and also sometimes in the morning before I ride.  It feels like cheating since the ”programming” is almost subconscious.

The program is great for those who ride on their own or for keeping yourself in an effective riding position between lessons. While I am amateur rider, I’m confident this program would also be helpful for instructors to communicate simple cues to their students (especially at a show).  In fact, at my first show after really incorporating the program, I got an 8 for my rider’s score.  I am sure that reviewing the buzzwords from Program Your Position in my warm up made the difference!

I am also a visual learner and like to review the illustrated pocket guide before I mount up.  It only takes a few seconds and really makes a difference.  I think the pocket guide would make an excellent wall poster for the tack room (hint, hint, Ruth and Jane!)

The other great thing about this program is the price. The Program Your Position set retails for $137. It is about the price of a clinic but easier to fit into your schedule.  Plus, you can take the clinic over and over until it is truly programmed into you mind.

One place the program could be improved is the video editing.  Because I am used to the fast pace of TV, there were a few places where I felt the video lagged and the editing could have been tightened up. This may be intentional to give the viewer time to absorb the information. But for my fast paced approach to life and learning, it felt a bit slow in a few places on the video.

Regardless, there is not another tool that I have used that has been so dramatically effective in helping me improve my position.  And these improvements in my position are spilling over into improvements in how my horse is performing.   The results are really pretty amazing. But considering the talents of the two coaches who developed Program Your Position, I guess it is to be expected.

Jane Savoie was the reserve rider for the Olympic dressage team in 1992 and has coached at 3 Olympic Games. She has written five books, produced numerous home study training courses, and trains riders via her interactive online coaching site, Dressage Mentor.

Ruth Hogan-Poulsen has been an FEI competitor, trainer and coach for over 20 years. She specializes in developing a unique program for each student and horse that she works with. Ruth also creates musical freestyles for professionals and amateurs alike.  Many of her freestyles have been seen internationally at venues such as the Young Rider World Cup in Germany and WEG selection trials.

Jane and Ruth have been friends for over 25 years and often teach clinics together.  They got the idea to combine their key teaching components into a program that everyone could have access to and also decided to make it diverse so that it would be effective for any rider regardless of their predominated learning style.  It took them a year to produce the series, but I can tell you first hand that you will see results in just a matter of weeks!

So if your goal is like my New Year’s Resolution for 2010, I highly recommend you try Program Your Position. You may find yourself riding around saying things like “Slinky”, “Frog Legs”, “Laser Beams”, or “Washing Machine” but regardless, the results will be improvement to your riding position. That 8 or 9 on your rider’s score will make it all worthwhile!

Program Your Position is available online at www.janesavoie.com/programyourposition .