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Friday, January 28, 2011
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Caroline Roffman; Dressage Trainer, Competitor



Currently, Caroline has two sponsorships. Custom Saddlery provided her with a saddle for the Young Horse Competition, which she continues to ride in.



MDC Stirrups provides her with their MDC Intelligent Stirrup, a revolutionary new stirrup that allows the rider to customize their stirrup angle. “I am very excited to partner with MDC Intelligent and I have been riding in the stirrups since my return from Taiwan,” Roffman said. “I really like the flexibility of the MDC Stirrups. After riding in them and then getting into a saddle with stiff irons, you can feel how rigid the average stirrup really is.”

“I am lucky to have wonderful horses in my stable and friends who have my back. This is an exciting season of my life and so far I am really enjoying the ride,” she concluded.

Favorite Hobbies: Baking
Favorite Book: At the moment I am obsessed with the Twilight series :)
Superstitions: Toasting with water
Favorite Meal: Chocolate molten cake or any other kind of decadent dessert.
Favorite Drink: Perrier :)
Favorite Movie: I pick just one favorite but I can watch Talladega Nights over and over again :)
Favorite Vacation Destination: South of France or Italy.
Favorite Possession: My Dog Bella
Favorite Expression/Saying: "Shake and Bake" - Ricky Bobby

Mailing Address:
2129 Appaloosa Trail
Wellington, FL 33414
Phone: 617-633-1003
Email: cara9588@aol.com