Special Opportunity for Dressage Seat Medal and Equitation Riders From HorseShow.com

Saturday, July 13, 2013
Posted by Jennifer Keeler - Yellow Horse Marketing


Innovative online equestrian competition, clinic and coaching website HorseShow.com is a proud sponsor of this summer's Paragon Dressage CDI on August 15 - 18, 2013 in Estes Park, CO, which will also host the 2013 USEF Dressage Seat Medal Finals presented by Dressage Today. To celebrate this event, HorseShow.com offers a special opportunity for all Medal Finalists and Equitation Riders to help you perform at your best: an online clinic with FEI "I" and esteemed Dressage Seat Equitation judge Janet Foy, who will provide you with expert feedback on how to improve your scores and have the ride of your life at the Finals or your next show! Best of all, this clinic is FREE, and every rider who submits a video will also receive a free HorseShow.com dressage saddle pad! Riders who are planning to compete in a dressage seat equitation class at an upcoming show or are interested in learning more about these classes and trying them for themselves can simply make and upload a 5-7 minute video of an equitation performance at their home training arena. All videos should show work at the walk, sitting trot, rising trot, and working canter in both directions of the ring, and may also include a choice of individual equitation workout patterns for extra practice. Judge Janet Foy will review each video using HorseShow.com's revolutionary voiceover commentary, providing valuable feedback and instruction in real time with the video to help riders improve their performance for their next "live" show.

To find out more, please visit Here or visit the HorseShow.com website.