Special Moments of Prayer For Courtney Dye at Palm Beach Dressage Derby

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cards and donations can be sent to: Courtney Dye, 2442 Muir Circle, Wellington, FL 33414, and messages to comebackcourt@gmail.com will be read to Courtney. You can send good wishes and stories for Courtney on Facebook and Lendon Gray will make sure they get read to her as well.
The collective energy and strength of those in attendance at the Palm Beach Dressage Derby shared a few moments in prayer led by Father Larry David Mc Cormack. It was a beautiful sunny day as the earth finally began to warm after an abnormally chilly winter, even for West Palm Beach, Florida. During the lunch break before the Grand Prix Freestyle, the crowd swelled to join together in prayer and healing energies for their fellow friend, competitor, and rider in need and for her family.

In a special tribute to Courtney, Carol Lavell and Michael Poulin presented the $25,000 Carol Lavell Advanced Dressage Prize awarded to Courtney Dye. The recipient of this award from The Dressage Foundation not only exemplifies good horsemanship and potential for international success, but for their integrity and sportsmanship. "Coutney is all those things and more. " said Lavell. A tearful Lendon Gray, Courtney's mentor and long time trainer accepted on Courtney’s behalf and urged all of us “to be patient, she needs time to rest and heal.”

Courtney’s husband Jason Dye a native New Zealander told horsetalk.co.nz there was no way of knowing the timeframe for her recovery. “The neurosurgeons, doctors and nurses all agree the greatest strength she has is her age (32) and high level of fitness. What they don't know and I do is the unbelievable drive and determination that Courtney has, she will fight and fight and fight, no question," Dye said.

Jason Dye thanked the equestrian world for the outpouring of support for Courtney. "It would mean the world to Courtney and she is being reminded of it frequently in our talks. She has always loved the community aspect of the dressage world and would love to know that it is coming together for her," he said.

Energy from around the world, including her extended family in New Zealand, to Buddhist Monks performing healing services for her from Taiwan to the USA to India has been growing in support and prayer. Over 35,000 visitors came to DressageDaily to visit Courtney’s prayer service page and joined the energy at the same time as the service.