A Solid Foundation in Training and Experience

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pati Pierucci - FEI Rider, Trainer, Clinician

Her dressage career started with her mother-in-law's Appendix quarter horse, Sage's Spy Song, who she says had one leg shorter than the other! She trained with David DeWispelaere for three years, and he introduced her to Florida and what it was all about. "I had a lesson with Gunnar Ostergaard and he took us from schooling second to fourth level movement in a day, then I went to Florida to compete."

She trained with Robert Dover for ten years, plus she spent one year training with Betsy Steiner in Virginia. "Betsy is wonderful with all horses and very in tune with her riders” commented Pierucci. Kathy Connelly has also been a huge part of her current training and teaching ideas. “She was inspirational to me as a rider and really helped me understand how to train different horses different ways. Pieuricci was able to ride with Martin Schaudt when she was working for Hampton Green Farm. "He helped me expect more."

"Pati has been a devoted professional for many years. She has great dedication to the sport and does this while always putting her family's needs first. Pati is really a terrific person!" Robert Dover

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