Small Improvements in Courtney King Dye’s Condition Reported

Friday, March 12, 2010

Courtney’s husband Jason Dye has provided a recent update on Courtney’s website, Wednesday. “The Doctors and Neurosurgeons monitor her progress constantly and have advised that they have seen very very small improvements from when she was admitted. Courtney knows the right direction to take and will fight to get there.”
I want to thank you all for the wonderful emails of support to be read to Courtney, I have not been able to read them all to her and hopefully I won't have to, I know we would all be much happier if she were reading them herself. Please keep them coming so I can't catch up with them. Send them to:
"Her room is filling up with wonderful cards and photos, and she has a beautiful canvas print hanging at the foot of her bed, it is of her and Mythilus at the 2008 Olympics with the rings and flame in the background. The nurses all admire it and are using it as inspiration to give her the best care possible, they want to be able to watch her at the 2012 Olympic Games and point at the television and say that they knew her and cared for her!"
You can send cards to:
Courtney Dye
2442 Muir Circle
Wellington, FL 33414