Sir Sinclair Does it Again Earning #1 USEF Dressage Sire!

Friday, December 23, 2016
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Zania and Jami Kment, Region Four, GAIG/ USDF Grand Prix Champions

Zania and Jami Kment, Region Four, GAIG/ USDF Grand Prix Champions

Iron Spring Farm's Sir Sinclair is the #1 USEF Dressage Sire for the second year in a row! In 2016, his offspring earned over 8,700 points. Diana Morrison’s Dee Clair was the top earning offspring with 658 points at the Grand Prix level. Joan Gariboldi’s Bravo earned 567 points at Fourth Level and Prix St. Georges. Sixty-eight offspring contributed points to Sir’s total this year, with 20 competing at the FEI level.

It’s exciting to see the consistent quality of Sir Sinclair's offspring over time. In 2016, eight of his get earned Champion or Reserve Champion at the GAIG/USDF Regional Championships. Highlights include two winners at Grand Prix. Dee Clair is the Region 3 Grand Prix Champion, and Zania is the Region 4 Grand Prix Champion. Honor, a four-year-old KWPN gelding, won the GAIG/USDF Region 4 Training Level Junior/Young Rider Championship with a 74.88%.

Thank you and congratulations to the owners and riders who participated at all levels.  

Contango, Preferent, ranked #3 with 36 offspring earning points. Alcazar topped the list with 882 points earned at Grand Prix, followed by Zabaca with 837 points, also at Grand Prix. UB40 ranked #6 with 23 offspring receiving points. Top earners for UB40 were Eye Candy with 594 points at Third and Fourth levels, and Elzarma TF with 442 points in the Young Rider Divisions and Prix St. Georges divisions. The FEI competitors for each stallion are listed below.

Sir Sinclair, Keur, 2016 FEI Competitors:

Air Marshall, Grand Prix
Owner: Colleen Gray, Breeder: Shirley McQuillan, Rider: James Koford

Aphrodite ISF, I-1
Owner/Rider: Jeanne Degrazia-Bulfa, Breeder: Iron Spring Farm

Audi, PSG
Owner/Rider: Emily Donaldson, Breeder: Nancy Murray

Bienvenu ZSH, PSG
Owner: Gerlinde Beckers /Breeder: Terri Chabaud / Rider Kalie Beckers

Bluegrass Banjo, PSG
Owner/Breeder: Shirley Mc Quillan, Rider: James Koford

Bolei, I-1
Owner / Rider: Sue Thome, Breeder: Peggy & Jim Mills

Bravo, PSG
Owner/Rider: Joan Gariboldi, Breeder: Brenda Kowal

Cantata, I-1
Owner/Breeder: Suellen Myers, Rider: Bruno Gerber

Celine, PSG
Owner: Lisa Miller, Breeder: Michelle Dorsey, Rider: David Ziegler

Classy Sinclair, PSG
Owner/Breeder Lisa Grossi, Rider: Sahar Daniel Hirosh

Con Brio SDF, PSG
Owner/Rider: Franziska Seidl, Breeder: Sheri Evers-Rock

Dee Clair, Grand Prix - 1st Place Region 3 Grand Prix Open Championship
Owner: Diane Morrison, Breeder: Ruth Sorensen, Rider: Anna Marek

Dylan, PSG
Owner/Rider: Anne McCord, Breeder: Karl Huisinga

Westerstorm, Grand Prix
Owner: Debra Klamen, Breeder: PPW Janssen, Rider: Kathryn Fleming-Kuhn

William, Grand Prix
Rider: Gwen Poulin, Owner: Belinda Nairn-Wertman, Breeder: A. Geesink

Zaida, I-1
Owner: Sally Booth, Breeder: G.B.M. Berendson, Rider: Jennifer Conour

Zania, Grand Prix, 1st Place Region 4, GAIG/USDF Grand Prix Championship
Owner/Rider: Jami Kment, Breeder: B.J. Odink

Zatino H, Grand Prix
Owner/Rider: Emily Wyman, Breeder: Ja de Hass

Zoe Clair, PSG
Owner: Monica Stevenson, Breeder: Matty Marissink Stables

Zuperman, Grand Prix - 2nd Place CDI Grand Prix 
Owner: Leona Pollack, Breeder: J.H.M. Van Amptlves, Rider: Kathleen Raine

Contango, Preferent, 2016 FEI Competitors

Aerosmith, PSG
Owner/Rider: Lisa Nelson, Breeder: JP Farm

Alcazar, Grand Prix - 1st Place 3* Grand Prix Freestyle
Owner: Jane Clark, Breeder: St. Van Winden, Rider: Katherine Chandler Bateson

Armante, I-1
Owner: Natalie Miller, Breeder; Loucky Hagens-Groosman, Rider: Sara Spofford

Beyonce, I-2 
Owner/Breeder/Rider: Gwen Blake

Cambridge, PSG
Owner/Rider: Julie Laity, Breeder: Ludger Thole

Claudia, I-1 - 1st Place Region 1 AA Finals, I-1 
Owner/Breeder: Katherine Murray Ratliff, Breeder: Margrit Nentwig

Orisis, I-1
Owner: Taryn Yates, Breeder: HHH Ranch, Inc., Rider Mari Valceschini

Rhumba, Grand Prix - 2nd Place Region 4 GAIG/USDF Grand Prix Freestyle Championship
Owner: Andrew Baertsch, Breeder: Iron Spring Farm, Rider: Leah Nelson

Sjapoer, I-2
Owner/Rider: Ayden Uhlir, Breeder: A. Van Essen

Telesto, PSG
Owner: Laurie Beauchamp, Breeder: Brit Kay

Tennyson ISF, Grand Prix - 1st Place RMDS AA Grand Prix Championship 
Owner/Rider: Suzie Halle, Breeder: Iron Spring Farm

Walando, Grand Prix
Owner/Rider: Rob Van Wessum, DVM, Breeder: F.M. Wijlhuizen

Zabaco, Grand Prix - 2nd Place Region 2 GAIG/USDF Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle Championship
Owner: Amy Grahn/Rider, Breeder: Beth Godwin

Zantargo, PSG
Owner: Rider: Deborah Carson, Breeder: DG Bar Breeders

UB40 2016 FEI Competitors

Clapton JP, I-2
Owner/Breeder: Peggy Mills, Rider: Holger Bechtloff

Elzarma TF, FEI YR - 1st Place Region 2, GAIG/USDF FEI YR Championship
Owner/Breeder: Kerrin Dunn, Rider: Rebekah Mingari

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