Silver and Gold for Annabel and Comtesso

Monday, December 27, 2010

Liz Austin - Rider, Trainer, Breeder

Annable Sattler and Comtesso
Annable Sattler and Comtesso
Liz tells us that one of her proudest achievements in 2010 was seeing one of her students get her silver and gold medals. "I started working with Annabel Sattlerand Comtesso last year. Annabel has only been riding dressage for a few years and at 22-years-old, her Trakehner gelding Comtesso has a limited time to continue at the FEI levels. She was at a crossroads with him and wasn't really sure which direction to go- whether she should sell him or keeping working with him and try to move up the levels. I knew as soon as I sat on him for the first time he was an incredibly talented horse with a lot left to teach her. He is very hot and can be a little difficult, but he loves to work and loves his job, especially the showing part! I am absolutely smitten with him."

Liz worked with Annabel until just before leaving for Florida and encouraged the pair to try their hand at Prix St. Georges in 2010. "We started out at 4th level so she could get her first two scores for her silver. Every show we went to, all of us (Annabel, her husband and I) would say to each other, 'it's OK, this is the first time at this level, we'll just see how it goes. No pressure.' The entire season went like that- earning low to mid 60s at her first 4th level show, at her first Prix St. Georges show, her first Intermediare 1 show and her first Grand Prix show! It was a little ridiculous."



Annabel Sattler and Comtesso
Annabel Sattler and Comtesso
Just last weekend Annabel and Comtesso earned their final score for her gold medal. Riding again on Sunday to gain more experience in the ring the pair earned their highest Grand Prix score to date- nearly a 64%! "I couldn't go to the show last weekend because I had to stay home with a sick horse (who is now fine!), but I spoke with Annabel each day about warm up preparations, things to think about in her test, and we reviewed the tests together after. I am SO proud of her!"

One thing that Liz wanted to make sure was mentioned in this article was what a wonderful teacher Comtesso has been. "He is absolutely one of the most gifted horses I've ever sat on. His talent for the piaffe, passage, extended trot and pirouettes? Just wow! Even at 22, he comes out more supple than many horses on the farm. He is just the most delightful horse and has been a wonderful teacher for us both (Annabel and myself) through this journey."


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