ShowChic Dressage Asks, Did You Wear Your Helmet Today?

Monday, July 11, 2016
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Helmets today bring safety to a whole new level yet they are incredibly comfortable and
beautiful to wear.

“My horse never spooks.”...“I’m riding inside.”...I’m going to work after my ride so I can’t get my hair sweaty...If you’ve ever used any of these excuses to avoid wearing your helmet, it’s time to re-evaluate because accidents do happen.

So let’s agree that the days of riding in ball caps and visors are over. Go on, dig your old helmet out of the trunk and try it on. If it feels too hot or too heavy, too big or too small, now’s the time to review the latest high-tech options available and invest in your safety...After all, if your helmet doesn’t fit, it’s not fulfilling its purpose.

The Latest Innovations in Helmet Safety, Style and Comfort
Helmets today bring safety to a whole new level yet they are incredibly comfortable and beautiful to wear. ShowChic Dressage carries two of the most stylish and high-tech brands in the dressage market today - Samshield and Uvex. Both are manufactured with state of the art materials and borrow many features from other high-impact sports such as motocross, cycling and Alpine skiing as well as from industries such as construction, which depend on safety.

Phillippe “Sam” Maloigne, a motocross and super-cross professional, created Samshield Helmets after he began riding in jumping competitions in 2003. He found that riding helmets fell far short of his motorcycle gear both in terms of protection and looks. So he set out to create a helmet that offered riders a combination of beautiful design and technical vision. Today Samshield helmets, made in France, are worn by international professionals, and every new model is road tested by the pros before it hits the market.


Features Include:
• Scratch-resistant polycarbonate shell and now offer a new full-carbon fiber, very strong and light
• Expanded polystyrene inner core
• Highly effective airflow channels keep rider’s head cool
• Hypoallergenic memory foam inserts accentuate perfect fit
• Leather covered foam harness system
• Removable, washable liner

Samshield Shadow Matt
A high-style helmet with exceptional ventilation under the visor and through the shell. The outer shell is finished with a scratch-resistant and durable matte surface. In black, navy, brown. VG1-01-040 and ASTM/SEI 1163-15.

Samshield Custom
This helmet provides great comfort since there is no contact or pressure on the forehead. Memory foam liner conforms to the head and won't compress. Cool air is funneled under the visor and through the durable, polycarbonate shell. Soft leather harness offers a secure, comfortable fit. The outer shell cover is made of Alcantara, a versatile water-resistant material that feels like luxurious suede. In Black navy, brown, gray. VG1-01-040 and ASTM/SEI 1163-15.

Bring on the Bling
ShowChic Dressage also offers a variety of eye-catching Samshield Helmets designed with Swarovski crystals. Visit to our web site to see all the options. Or go completely custom! Choose your own shell color, top strip material, trim, accents, blazon color and personalization.

“The safest helmet is one that is a pleasure to wear.” - Simon Sirries, Uvex Sports, US


Uvex is a huge German company that designs and manufactures safety gear for industrial professions so the sports division, which makes helmets for equestrian, cycling and alpine sports conforms to the highest standards of safety and ergonomics.

• Hardshell injection molding method ensures incredibly lightweight yet stable construction.
• Uvex Helmets conform to all recent industry safety safety standards.
• Excellent ventilation. Large outside vents draw cool air in while airflow channels on inside of helmet send warm air out.
• Memory foam on inside prevents pressure points along the forehead.
• Helmets come in three general sizes XXS-S, S-M, M-L.
• Ring-Fast Adapting System offers 3-D size adjustment capability for a completely custom fit. Just place the helmet in the proper position and turn the wheel clockwise to tighten or counter-clockwise to loosen.
• Monomatic comfort closure lets you close or release the chin strap with one hand.
• Soft peak protects against injuries.
• All-season removable, washable inner liner

Uvex Perfexxion Active: This helmet’s sleek, athletic look is perfect for everyday schooling even on the hottest days. In Black, Navy, Gray, Brown. ASTM F1163-04a/SEI certified.

Uvex Suxxeed Velour:  Looks as elegant as the classic top hat shape, but offers real protection and comfort and is suitable for spectacle wearers. In Black, Navy. ASTM F1163-04a/SEI certified

TIP: When you try on helmets, wear your hair in the same style in which you ride. If you have long or thick hair and wear it under your helmet, you may need to increase the helmet size slightly.

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ShowChic Answers 5 Questions About Fit

How do I measure my head?
Use a soft measuring tape with centimeter increments to get the most accurate measurement. Start an inch above your eyebrows, just above the top of your ears, and around the bump at the back of your head, measuring the widest part of your head.

Is my head oval or round?
If the helmet presses against your forehead but rocks from side to side it’s too round for your head shape. If it presses against the sides of your head but rocks forward and backward, it’s too oval.

What if my helmet is too big?
If it shifts when you shake your head or sits low on the eyebrows, it’s too big. It will be a distraction while you ride and will not protect you well during a fall.

...Or too small?
Your helmet is too small if it pops up and sits on the top of your head or causes a head ache soon after you put it on.

Your Helmet Fits Correctly When…
• The brim rests 2 fingers (about 1 inch) above your eye brows.
• The skin on your forehead and eyebrows moves with the helmet when you try to move it up and down from the brim.
• The chin strap should be snug but not tight.
• Side straps should meet just below and in front of your ear lobes.

Did You Know?
• Equestrian helmets are designed to protect the riders head from one impact only. The foam materials inside the helmet will crush on impact so while there may be no visible damage, the helmet no longer offers the same degree of protection.
• Due to evolving helmet standards, technologies and the potential for unseen material deterioration, it is recommended that you replace your helmet every five years - more often if you ride daily or ride multiple horses.
• Most competitions and equestrian events require you to wear a helmet that meets approved standards such as ASTM/SEI certification. Always check for the certification label when shopping for a helmet.
• A concussion is a brain injury caused by a bump or blow to the head that can change the way the brain normally works. Even what seems to be a mild bump to the head can be serious. Go to for more information on concussions and how to prevent and treat them.
• 1 in 5 people who are seriously injured around horses weren’t even riding.
• Follow manufacturer recommendations on cleaning your helmet. NEVER wash it in the dishwasher and do not store it in a hot car or trailer.
• Wash helmet liner monthly and replace liner once a year or sooner depending on use