ShowChic’s Shop Talk “The Sponsor-Rider Relationship: What’s In It for You” Is Now Offered Online

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Krystalanne Shingler, ShowChic, Mikala Gundersen, Janne Rumbough, Marcia Pepper, Lars Petersen, Michele Hundt, Shop Talk

Wellington, Florida - With the 2016 show season fast approaching, the dressage boutique ShowChic of Wellington, Florida has released the video of what was perhaps its most talked-about Shop Talk event of the 2015 season. As the world’s top dressage riders and their horses prepare to converge in Wellington, Florida, for the 2016 Adequan Global Dressage Festival, find out the truth of what goes on behind the scenes between the most successful riders and their horses’ owners.

ShowChic continues to provide the public with an easily accessible version of its popular Shop Talk series on the website www.showchicdressage.com. Shop Talks, held at the ShowChic boutique, offer the opportunity for dressage enthusiasts to chat with accomplished dressage professionals and hear their tips and tricks for success. Because the interest in ShowChic’s Shop Talks has grown far larger than the intimate audience seating space at the Wellington shop accommodates, ShowChic now offers its videos of the Shop Talks online for dressage riders everywhere.

The most recent Shop Talk to be added to the website is called “The Sponsor-Rider Relationship: What’s In It For You,” and features dressage champions Mikala Gundersen and Lars Petersen. Gundersen and Petersen are accompanied by their sponsors, and good friends, Janne Rumbough and Marcia Pepper, respectively. This Shop Talk offers viewers insight into the relationship between a rider and a horse owner.

Both pairs admit that they have no written contract between them, as they each considered their partner a friend before venturing out in business together. Petersen and Pepper explain that they have an understanding that any money won in shows will go back to their show expenses. Gundersen states that she believes the finances of a rider and sponsor should be worked out depending on their own personal situations, and that there is no one “right” way to do it.

Both sets of partners work well with one another, and although the two teams operate similarly in many ways, they also have important differences. Both Rumbough and Gundersen are involved in all aspects of the talented mare My Lady’s care, but Pepper prefers Petersen to handle the veterinary and health care for their star mare, Mariett, for the most part. Rumbough mentions that she leans to Gundersen to make many important decisions for My Lady. “The rider is the one who says what to do, because she’s the one who flies the airplane,” Rumbough explains.

One big similarity between the two partnerships is the strong connection between horse rider and horse owner. When asked about how the teams are able to keep such strong partnerships, Gundersen suggests being upfront and honest, as this is what has helped her stay connected with Rumbough. Rumbough adds that having a sponsor who is a rider or was a rider in the past is helpful, as they will understand the commitments that the rider must make.

ShowChic is proud to offer not only the finest in equestrian fashion, but also education in the form of Shop Talks. Diamante Farms of Wellington, Florida sponsors the online versions of ShowChic’s Shop Talk to allow dressage enthusiasts everywhere to learn from the professionals who frequent the ShowChic boutique. Watch Gundersen, Rumbough, Petersen, and Pepper’s Shop Talk at http://www.showchicdressage.com/shop-talk/.

For more information about ShowChic, visit www.showchicdressage.com or call 561-319-2121