ShopChic EQ Revolutionizes Equestrian Peer-to-Peer Shopping

Saturday, May 23, 2015

ShopChic EQ is the newest way to buy and sell used equipment, apparel and accessories, is now open for business.
ShopChic EQ is the newest way to buy and sell used equipment, apparel and accessories, is now open for business.

Thanks to the fashion-forward thinking of ShowChic’s Michele Hundt and Mary Cameron Rollins, equestrians have a new way to buy and sell used tack, apparel, and accessories through the brand new online consignment store, ShopChic EQ. This innovative peer-to-peer shopping site comes to equestrians right in the comfort of their own homes or barns - through the website www.ShopChicEQ.com and the free Apple mobile app. Rollins, a Grand Prix dressage rider and North American Young Rider Championships Individual Gold Medalist, came up with the idea for Shop Chic EQ when she looked through her trailer one day and saw how many rarely-used tack items she had accumulated.

Rollins considered taking the items to a traditional consignment shop, but she was hesitant because of the cost to consign items and the fact that potential buyers are limited to a specific geographical market.
That was when the idea of ShopChic EQ was born. “I thought about how great it would be to have an app right on my phone, where all equestrians from every discipline can be connected to buy and sell new and used tack and apparel.  How much easier would it be to grab a smartphone, snap a couple of pictures, and post it yourself instead of finding a consignment shop?” explains Rollins. With ShopChic EQ, users can post their items for sale in their own virtual “tack rooms” and reach a nationwide network of potential buyers.

When Rollins approached Michele Hundt, owner of the successful business ShowChic in Wellington, Florida, about her revolutionary idea that would raise the bar for second-hand tack stores, it didn’t take long for Hundt to agree to the new business endeavor. Hundt, already a seasoned business professional, found the perfect partner in Rollins, a seasoned equestrian competitor. Now, after nearly a year in development, the duo is proud to announce the launch of the brand-new equestrian marketplace, dedicated to online consignments for riders of all disciplines – perfect for selling any equipment, apparel, and accessories.

“It’s an alternative to the eBay Marketplace, and it’s just for equestrians,” Hundt explains. “We put it together very simply, so it’s not very time consuming to post any item. You can also actually write comments to the people who are posting items – so it’s interactive like Facebook. It’s a social marketplace for equestrians.”

ShopChic EQ is an easy way for riders to connect to other riders of all different disciplines and backgrounds and find just what items they’re looking for— for much less the cost. With the click of a button, riders can browse other users’ virtual tack rooms whenever they like. Likewise, sellers can easily upload their consignment items to their own virtual tack room. The store is a great way to cut down on unused equipment, and put money in your pocket to spend money on the equipment you really need.

The user-friendly design enables equestrians to choose from several categories and browse a wide selection of sizes, styles, and designs from the very best equestrian brands all over the world. Riders can also enjoy social functions such as commenting on and “favoriting” the items for sale – which helps to establish a transparent, trustworthy community of riders.

ShopChic EQ is designed by equestrians, for equestrians. “We really want people from all over the country, across every discipline, to be able to use it,” said Rollins. To take full advantage of this new marketplace, users should join the community now. “As a special gift to you, we’re waiving our service fee until July 30. All you have to pay is a small three-percent credit card processing fee on any product you list,” says Hundt. Even after July 30, it will always be free to sign up for ShopChic EQ. The new online store can be accessed at www.ShopChicEQ.com or through the free Apple mobile app.

For more information about ShopChic EQ visit www.ShopChicEQ.com or call 561-319-2121.