Shop With Top Dressage Professionals on Their Favorite ThinLine Products

Wednesday, December 3, 2008
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International dressage competitor Arlene “Tuny” Page who recently won both the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix Freestyle with her own Wild One at the Gold Coast Dressage Fall Fling cited the Ultra ThinLine® pad as her favorite ThinLine product. Page said, "It keeps all of my horses' backs comfortable as long as the saddle fits moderately well. I can use one saddle on multiple horses without any fear of causing soreness. The Ultra ThinLine pad helps to stabilize the saddle and even out pressure."

Placed under the saddle, the Ultra ThinLine® is designed to relieve pressure and allow the most comfort for the horse's back. Unlike gel pads that move away from pressure and give the least support where it is needed most, ThinLine technology stays even with heat, shock, and weight distributed laterally along the pad. Because of its thin and even design, this pad will not interfere with the fit of a saddle. 

Page, who’s Stillpoint Farm in Wellington is a training mecca for several top dressage riders and trainers, is where ThinLine products are used on a daily basis.