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Friday, December 2, 2016
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Be sure to check out all the great gift ideas in HorsesDaily's Marketplace!

With Thanksgiving Day giving all a chance to step back and take note of what is important in life, spend time with family and gear down a bit we can now turn our attention to the upcoming Holiday season! Lots to do for many horse people as those headed to the winter circuits in Florida and California are busy with packing, organizing and making sure final details are in place. Whether you will be hitting the road or staying home this season, holiday shopping is looming large!

HorsesDaily's Marketplace is the perfect place to shop for gifts this season! We have a great selection to shoose from for that loved one in your life (even if that is your horse!). We have great health products for you special equine in our Wellness section, equipment is our Shop section and something for the fashionista in our Style section. Maybe you want to check out the best of the equine world in Wellington with an Equestrian Tour? A gift or photography? Perhaps a riding lesson from one of our cleints in the Trainer's Arena, a new horse to take that lesson on or the ultimate mack daddy - a new farm property to house both you and your horse!? We have a lot to offer in our Marketplace, check us out and find that perfect gift for the 2016 Holiday Season!