Shawn Casady Trumps the Joker in "Gambler's Choice"

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The $3,750 Junior Jumpers Gambler's Choice couldn't have taken place on a more perfect evening, Friday night in the Dixon Oval. The air was full of excitement and the tension continued to build as the ring crew set boldly colored, towering jumps that looked like they would present quite a challenge for the 17 competitors.
Each obstacle was valued at 10 to 120 points based on the level of difficulty and points could only be gained when jumped correctly. All obstacles had to be jumped once but were allowed to be jumped twice, then the finish line had to be crossed in order for the time to be counted. Once the course was completed the rider was allowed 20 seconds to jump the "Joker" which could either gain them 200 points or deduct 200 points from their previous round.

First in the order of go was Kalvin Dobbs riding Winde, he was the first to successfully make it clean over the "Joker" but unfortunately was outside the time allowance so he had to settle for third place. Following Dobbs in the order of go was Shawn Casady, of Wellington, FL riding Zubantos owned by Elm Rock LLC. A fiercely executed, clean first round, which he personally devised, ended in 59.897 seconds earning a total of 990 points. Casady rose to the challenge of the "Joker". Like the rest of his round before, Casady took on the "Joker" with complete ease soaring to the top of the chart early where he would hold onto a lead that far surpassed the other scores.  Michael Hughes took second and Kalvin Dobbs third.

With the "Joker" jump putting up a challenge few were able to overcome, the Gambler's Choice was a great spectacle in the Dixon Oval Friday night.