Set For the Start of a Great Two Weeks

Saturday, August 23, 2014
Posted by Mary Phelps

Mary Phelps at the Markel Booth. Photo Courtesy of Mary Phelps
Mary Phelps at the Markel Booth. Photo Courtesy of Mary Phelps

While I am getting daily reports of countless Facebook buddies who came in early to spectate the World Equestrian Games on whirlwind travels about France, my strategy is a bit different. I need about a week to really get onto Euro time. I’m a country girl, so life on this amazing facility at Haras Du Ry is just perfect for me.  Grocery shopping, antiquing with the owners as they continue to furnish their Gites, making dinners at “home” and enjoying getting to know the French Para Dressage Team and their entourage who have been training here has kept my days full. I final travelled to the Caen credential center still way ahead of the rush, and it’s a good thing I did. The line was still very long, but I made it to the front very quickly making friends in line like one does in Disney world and was helped by a lovely Canadian woman who lives in France.  There is always a sigh of relief to know you are in the system, but it was a bit of an anxious moment when I had to go to a different line to get my very parking pass and they could not find my name, and my limited French was not enough to communicate with an already stressed looking lady who did not speak any English. Not to worry, it was worked out, got o see USEF’s Jim Wolf, and my dear friend Maureen Van Tuyl who will be scribing (she speaks fluent French where was she 10 minutes ago!) With passes all arranged the next task at hand was getting my bearings  finding the valued parking spots (I am a lucky girl) and the Normandy Horse Fair, where Markel Insurance, the company I work for in addition to myself will be introducing Markel International and our expanded services. 

The trade fair was still under construction but enough was established to see there will be multiple bars, restaurants , exhibitions, and of course the amazing Alltech Pavillion.  Markel’ banner was up, defining the booth and right next to a Tapas bar where we can meet and greet and party with friends and clients. So come to booth 62, and I will be doing my best to be everywhere at once: photographing the competiton and stopping in as much as I can. I’ll be posting on my Facebook page when I will be there, and giving a shout out to all to come say hi.

Next up Opening Ceremonies.