Scott Lenkart and Impulsive Victorious in $30,000 Grand Traverse Bay Grand Prix

Monday, July 26, 2010
Posted by Phelps Media Group

Traverse City, MI - Horse Shows by the Bay Series II concluded on Sunday afternoon with the week's highlight event, the $30,000 Grand Traverse Bay Grand Prix. Spectators from all over the region came out to the beautiful Flintfields Horse Park this afternoon to enjoy the beautiful weather and watch some of the country's best compete at the highest level of show jumping competition. Twenty-six entries showed over the difficult course set by Brazil's Guilherme Jorge, and it was Scott Lenkart and Impulsive that came out on top to win the first place prize.
A total of ten entries jumped clear over the first round course in today's grand prix and six of those finished double clear. It was then a race against the clock to see who could complete the fastest round. Impulsive, owned by Macmillan Sport Horse and ridden by Scott Lenkart, is the horse that has won the most grand prix classes at Horse Shows by the Bay since the show first started seven years ago. Lenkart and Impulsive have won grand prix classes all over the country, and have totaled an impressive 15 grand prix victories while showing together. Lenkart and Impulsive were fast and clean around the course today, and leaving out a stride in the last line put the pair at the top of the class with the fastest time of 35.999 seconds. The second place finishers were Vicky Miller and Picobello, who stopped the clock in 37.120 seconds. Denise Wilson and Life is Life 15 finished in third with their time of 38.450 seconds. Other top finishers included Luke Tokaruk and Lucius 35, Denise Wilson and Namos, and Vicky Miller with Cincinnati.

Impulsive is a fifteen-year-old Dutch gelding whose barn name is Norman. "He is such a puppy dog in the barn, and when you ride him every day you have to kick to get him going," Lenkart laughed. "I rode him for an hour before the class today kicking the whole time to make him canter, but then when you see him in the show ring he is a runaway."

"He has won this class three times; he loves it here obviously, and I do too," Lenkart smiled. "I love the weather here, and the water. The facility is excellent and they have great help here. We have beautiful camp grounds and you cannot beat the weather; this is the best place to be in the country right now. It was 106 degrees in Philadelphia and it is 100 degrees where I live in Minnesota and it was 75 here today; it is perfect."

Lenkart commented on the course and explained his plan for the jump-off. "The course was nice and I think the footing was much better today, so the horses were definitely jumping better," he stated. "There were ten clear, so that is just a foot race and I have a fast horse, so I was lucky."

"My plan was just in the last line, from the oxer to the vertical," Lenkart continued. "There was a leave out there and I have a little horse, so for him to do six down that last line he really had to work to get it. The last jump was a vertical, and he is not going to have that last jump down nine times out of ten, so I had to take a little shot there. If I had pulled on the reins I do not think I would have won that class."

Lenkart plans to show in Traverse City next week for the final five days in the summer series and will then head to Trader's Point. "He usually does well there, and then we go to a show in Iowa and we go to the Evergreen Classic in September," Lenkart concluded. "The summer is winding down for us; we have hit it hard here in May, June and July. I do not show him too much during the year. He only did this one class this week and we will do these next few show and then in October, November and December he does not show at all. He is used to having those three months off."

Also competing in the Grand Prix Ring this morning were the Children's and Adult Jumpers.  The $2,500 Modified Child/Adult Jumper Classic was held first, sponsored by Grand Traverse Resort and Spa, with a win for Lexie Berger and Amorette. The $5,000 NAL/WIHS Children's and Adult Jumper Classics were each held thanks to the generous sponsorship of Coaching4Teens and Founder Lee Ann Ingram.  Catherine Hanlon and Sorin were the winners in the Children's Classic, while top prize in the Adult Classic was awarded to Gay Sykes and Waterford.

Coaching4Teens is a not-for-profit that offers life coaching services to young adults via telephone, email, and in-person sessions. Coaching4Teens ( was founded in 2007 by rider and parent, Lee Ann Ingram. It was her dream for high achieving young adults to recognize that "It's okay not to be perfect." Coaching4Teens exists to inspire and empower young adults to illuminate their strengths, discover their unique talents, realize positive mental health, and pursue a balanced lifestyle. Coaching4Teens is a program of Centerstone, a not-for-profit provider of mental health and addiction services for people of all ages.

This afternoon's competition concluded week two of the 2010 Horse Shows by the Bay hunter/jumper series.  The show will start up with Series III on Wednesday, July 28, and the show will conclude on August 1. For more information, please visit


1   39   IMPULSIVE SCOTT LENKART  MACMILLAN SPORT HORSE  0 0 0  76.7440  0  0  35.999
2  826  PICOBELLO  VICKY MILLER  SHOWCASE 81 LLC0  0  0  80.6550  0  0  37.120
3  233  LIFE IS LIFE 15   DENISE WILSON  BLUE GATE FARM LLC  0 0 0   79.1560   0  0  38.450
4  279  LUCIUS 35   LUKE TOKARUK  LUKE TOKARUK   0  0  0  80.0620  0  0  39.373
5  238  NAMOS   DENISE WILSON   BLUE GATE FARM LLC   0  0  0  78.1670   0  0  39.442
6  825  CINCINNATI  VICKY MILLER   SHOWCASE 81 LLC  0  0  0  79.7110   0  0   40.816
7  280  ROGER RABBIT   MICHAEL TOKARUK   MICHAEL TOKARUK   0  0  0   81.2284  0  4  36.777
8  644  ASLAN   FRANKIE CHESLER-ORTIZ  SHER-AL FARM   0  0  0   78.0454  0 4  37.813
9  646  CONQUISTADOR   JUAN ORTIZ  JUAN ORTIZ  0 0 0  82.4084  0 4  39.646
10  674  CORDOBA   KIM FARLINGER   PETER FARLINGER0  0  0   78.0970  0  Withdr0.000

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Photo Credit:  Scott Lenkart and Impulsive won the $30,000 Grand Traverse Bay Grand Prix at Horse Shows by the Bay II. Photos © 2010 Lauren Fisher/PMG.