Save the Date! “The Mastery Course™” - The Art of Living Life Masterfully

Friday, March 11, 2011
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Gil Merrick gave a "mini" course at Stillpoint Farm in January to approx 40 participants, trainers and riders including Tina Konyot, Nancy Later, Heather Bender, Shannon Dueck, and Mary Ann Grant.
Gil Merrick gave a "mini" course at Stillpoint Farm in January to approx 40 participants, trainers and riders including Tina Konyot, Nancy Later, Heather Bender, Shannon Dueck, and Mary Ann Grant.
By investing one day, you can improve a lifetime
Join Gil Merrick who will be holding "The Mastery Course - The Art Of Living Life Masterfully", a popular course where you will learn to look at your life and how to manage your commitments both professionally and personally. The course will be held at Tuny Page's Stillpoint Farm in Wellington, Florida on March 21st from 9:00am to 5:00 pm. Lunch, refreshments and all course materials are included in the cost of the course. Please see below a description of the course and what it offers, along with some great endorsements from folks who have previously attended. Please contact Gil at for registration or more information. This course is a not to be missed opportunity for furthering your approach to your career and work in your daily life managing the numerous challenges those of us in the equestrian community face on a regular basis.



A large group attended Gil's January seminar and have been asking for a return visit now set for March 21
A large group attended Gil's January seminar and have been asking for a return visit now set for March 21
Our Lives as Equestrians
- Each of us shares a passion for horses and treasures every minute that we have to spend with them. But the life of an equestrian comes with its own set of challenges as we strive to maximize the amount of time available to us to be at the stables, spend quality time with our horses, engage in activities that allow us to further our education and advance our skills, and take care of the many responsibilities that come with living in this unique world.

Along with those challenges are the ones that everyone faces – balancing all of the other commitments we have to our families, friends, careers, ongoing education, other sports and hobbies and, most importantly, to our own health and well being – and then making the time to do what is needed to fulfill those commitments.

This balancing act and the art of making the time to have it all come together can often become a struggle and create stress in our lives that over time can take a negative toll on our well being. Despite our best efforts at managing all of our commitments effectively, it sometimes seems as if the area where we spend less time than we would like is that precious time with our horses.

And sometimes when we are able to be with our equine friends we notice that the worries of the day have found their way into the stables with us and get in the way of allowing us to be focused on our horses and riding and keep us from getting the most out of this important part of our lives.

This seminar has been designed to provide the insights, tools and training that allow us to fulfill on all of our commitments with a higher degree of effectiveness and to bring a sense of ease to how we manage our lives. It will answer the question - What does it look like when we live our lives masterfully?

About the Course
During this 8-hour workshop the course leader will present a series of concepts and lead participants in discussions about them that will provide valuable insights that allow us to answer the following questions:
* What is the dynamic that is at play anywhere that we are struggling in our lives and what allows for us to turn that struggle into something we achieve with ‘ease’?
* What is the difference between ‘doing a lot of things’ that keep us very busy (and possibly create a lot of stress) and ‘building something in our lives’ that is meaningful to us and others – and what would it look like if we designed our lives so we only spent our time doing those things that contribute to what we are ‘building’ and are passionate about?
* How do we distinguish between those areas in our lives where we have a genuine commitment to achieving results and those where we have every good intention to be committed but have been unable to succeed in achieving results – and what do we need to bring to bear in order to resolve that disconnect?
* When we are faced with situations that are stressful to us, what can we do to effectively manage the circumstances that are causing the stress and create a new situation where we are freed up and can thrive?
* Given the commitments we have in all areas of our lives, how do we effectively create and manage a balance between those commitments while having a sense of ease about ‘fitting it all in’?

The Promises of the Course
Participants in this course will leave the classroom with the following insights and tools:
* A clear understanding of what it means to ‘Live Life Masterfully’ so that we are always in training to increase the effectiveness with which we produce our results.
* A new context within which to live our lives that is oriented around what we are committed to providing to others while still taking care of our own needs and fulfilling those things that are meaningful to us.
* A powerful tool that can be used to manage any situation that is stressful to us – one that is guaranteed to replace ‘struggle’ with ‘ease.’
* A deeper understanding of how vital it is to manage our own health and well being and a heightened realization that it is a disservice to those we love and are committed to when we don’t make managing our own well being our first priority.
* A new way to look at what it is that stops us in life from fulfilling all of those things we say we are committed to doing – for ourselves and others – and a proven method for getting ourselves ‘unstuck’ when it seems like we just can’t take on another thing or are unable to accomplish the things we know we need to do.

The Golden Opportunity
Participation in this seminar offers a rare opportunity to stop the day to day action of our lives and devote an entire day to an inquiry into how we have designed the life we are living; explore the nature of the commitments we have in place now; and invent a future that allows for us to balance all of the things we are passionate about having while maximizing the time we have to spend with our horses – and achieving all of that with a sense of ease.

About the Course Leader

Over the past 20 years Gil has served in senior management positions within corporations based throughout the United States, Germany and Australia. With a solid background in international finance and marketing and fluency in German, he has been responsible for the financial management and administration of organizations both large and small. Gil holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and German from Hiram College, Hiram, OH. He also holds his MBA in International Marketing and Finance from Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH.

In his most recent position as Managing Director for Dressage with the United States Equestrian Federation, Gil served as Team Leader for the dressage teams competing at the 2006 World Championships (Aachen, Germany), the 2007 Pan American Games (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and the 2008 Olympic Games (Beijing, China).


Gil travels throughout the country providing management consulting services to corporations in the area of Organizational Development and conducts courses that focus on Personal Effectiveness Training. The tuition is $175 and is payable at the door. That includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day as well as all course materials.