Saudi Riders Free to Ride at Olympics After Bans Reduced

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Two Saudi Arabian riders whose horses tested positive for Controlled Medication had their bans reduced — meaning they will not miss the Olympics. The FEI’s Equine Prohibited Substances List is divided into two sections, Banned Substances (for which suspensions start at two years) and Controlled Medications (for which suspensions can range from a warning to two years). Phenylbutazone, and its metabolite Oxyphenbutazone, are both Controlled Medication substances. Controlled Medication substances are those that are prohibited in competition, but are permitted for treatment use outside competition.
Khaled Abdulaziz Al Eid and Abdullah Waleed Sharbatly were suspended by an FEI tribunal on 23 May, after their horses tested positive for bute.  But the International Court for Arbitration of Sport today (11 June) reduced the bans to two months, meaning they can start competing again immediately.

Saudi Equestrian said it was “delighted” with the findings. Khaled Al Eid has already qualified for the Olympics with Presley Boy and Abdullah Sharbatly now aims to qualify on Bruce Menzies’ former ride, Sultan V before 17 June.

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